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Confession: The Average College Girl’s Not-So Materialistic Christmas List

In which rude statements are made, questions are asked, and blunt families are cherished all within the holiday season.

/home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/47d/81321754/files/2014/12/img_1310-0.jpgDisclaimer: “Aunt Jen” is not a real character from my family, nor is she a representation of anyone in my family. I’m not that mean. Cynical: yes. Mean: no. Also, I do not own the above picture.

With Christmas just around the corner—as in tomorrow for all you procrastinators who still have not bought gifts for your friends and loved ones (I was you once…okay, maybe I’m you now)—I felt it only appropriate to post something for Christmas: a Christmas list all college girls will use after spending their first Christmas as a college student away from home.

Now, if you are currently a Freshman in college you may find this short list overly dramatic, but that could be because you have not yet been subjected to friends and family who you will see on Christmas. For all of you who have survived one Christmas as a college student and are doing it all over again, you will probably agree. Either way, please feel free to leave a comment below, tweet, or anything else to share your experiences that relate to this topic.

This list is a bit unconventional, but realistic so bare with me. Here are just a few things on this average college girl’s Christmas list that you may adopt after spending your first Christmas home from college:

To Not Be Accosted About Your Outer Appearance.

“Oh, Kay, you gained weight” “What’s wrong with your hair?” “Your face is breaking out.” “Look at those bags underneath your eyes.”

I only gained three pounds, but thanks for pointing it out in front of the whole family. Don’t worry, Aunt Jen, I won’t point out that your post-baby weight is still there two years after you’ve had my cousin.
On holidays in college, I sleep the day away and since I was not expecting you, I just woke up…so, this is my bed hair.
Yes, my face is breaking out and I do have bags underneath my eyes. Those are the results of stress and the lack of sleep the last four months have brought on. But again, thanks for pointing out every little outer flaw .

Honestly, my family meant no harm at all; they are some of the sweetest people you will meet. Just like my family meant no harm, I am positive your family means no harm when they blurt out the above and other statements that we find as insults. Still, these comments are insulting and you may be subjected to a number of them. Honestly, there is nothing you can do about them. Yes, you can speak your mind, but that may constitute as “talking back”, land you in trouble, and ruin the whole Christmas mood. I would like to think this is just part of families expressing their love and worries for us. Just sit back, put on that fake smile you may have perfected when having to converse with people in school you really wish not to, and take it as they come.

So no, you are not allowed to retaliate with a comment such as my one to “Aunt Jen”.

…No matter how funny it seems.

To Not Be Asked “How is School?”

Let’s do the math (I know, I know. You’re probably on break and the last thing you want to think about is math). Christmas is on the 25th this year, last year, and every year. College students usually get out of school somewhere between the 12th—19th. During that week, whether male or female, what are we usually partaking in? EXAMS!! We just went through several days of exams; more than a week when you think about. Some of us have so many exams that we have to start studying the week before just to produce a grade of which we ourselves are proud.

I found that when I finally returned home last year—and even this one, too—all I wanted to do was sleep; sleep and not to be asked “how is school going?” or “how was your semester?” I just finished a week that entailed vicious exams provided by vicious professors, living in the library, living off of Starbucks (ok, that wasn’t so bad), and looking like a zombie. I do not want to be asked about death, I mean, school. As soon I walk away from my last exam I dream of tossing my notes up in the air and celebrating (I find, however, I am too tired to do so). So what do I do? What everyone in this position does: pack up, go home, and sleep, forgetting about the trials and troubles that come with the word “school”.

Unfortunately, you will not be forgetting about your trials and troubles that the word “school” may bring to mind because, well, you will have a slew of family and maybe even friends asking questions concerning it. Once again, I advise you not to explode on your loved ones and just sit there and take it.

Even when they direct the question to you at the dinner table and the whole table goes silent and looks at you, remember:

Just sit there, plaster on that fake smile, and respond cordially.

You can mentally think of comebacks to say in your head, though. That makes the smile a little more real without your victims family knowing what is really going on in that pretty little head.

To Be Surrounded by Your Family—No Matter What Is Said

Whether insulting my physical appearance or asking the dreaded “how is school?” question, there is nothing more that I love than being surrounded by my loved ones. Trust me, after being at school there is nothing more that you would love, too. You may not realize it as you are being accosted or questioned, but you will definitely realize it the day you return to school. They accost you about your weight because deep down, they worry about you and your health when you are not home for them to dote all over you. They question you about school because they only want the best for you, they want to brag about your accomplishments, and they want to find ways to provide support in any way they can.

You will find that if you never truly treasured the love of family on Christmas, you will definitely do so after being away for school.

You may find that you do really know traditions of the day and become upset when they deviate in the smallest ways. You may find yourself overwhelmed with sadness when a normal family member found at the Christmas table cannot make it. You may find that you notice every little detail of Christmas in your family a lot more.

You may find that being surrounded by your family is the number one on the your newly established Christmas list.

So, there you have it, ladies; your new Christmas list. Don’t get me wrong, money is nice, too. I’m sure for months you were eying a pair of shoes, finally bought it, and realized how much of a bad idea that was economically speaking. Money is definitely nice.

But I found after my first Christmas as a college student all I really wanted was to not be questioned about my outer appearance, to not have to answer to the dreaded “how is school?” inquiry, and most importantly to be surrounded by my loved ones at a time as important as Christmas.

Everyone’s family is different, so you may not all be subjected to the above situations. I would love to hear anyone’s stories who is willing to share. Like I said before, leave a comment or send me a tweet. I’d love to hear from you all.

I’m just an average college girl with many stories; many words; many confessions. These are just some of the confessions of an average college girl to average college girls.

…And there are many more to come.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays,




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