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This Average Girl’s Confession on Seeing the World

In which a bit of the world is explored, career choices are made, and the author is enlightened.

Disclaimer: The picture seen above was taken from my 2013 trip to Italy where I visited Florence and Rome. Also, in light of the missing AirAsia flight QZ8501, I would like to ask that we put our hearts out for the passengers, crew, and their loved ones awaiting good news. This post was drafted out before the news was shared and I would now like to use it to continue to encourage international traveling whether by ship or plane. “Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game.” 

This Average College Girl’s Confession on Seeing the World

Okay, so the phrase “seeing the world” is a bit of a stretch. In my nineteen years of life, I have been to Germany, Italy, at least seven Caribbean islands, and a few countries in Mexico. While I realize that I have been blessed in seeing over ten countries, these few countries definitely do not accumulate to what is implied in the phrase “seeing the world”. However, traveling out of my home country did open my eyes and personally it felt like I was truly “seeing the world”. For those of you who have not visited a different country—small or large—I have one thing to say:

Do so.

I was given the opportunity to visit more than half of the countries from above before I started my college experience in 2013. Every country I visited I made sure to try their cuisine, listen to the different languages and accents, and enjoy myself to my greatest ability. Pictures we taken; laughter was heard; fun was had; facts were taken in.

In which a bit of the world is explored, career choices are made, and the author is enlightened. 

Throughout the school system, history class is a requirement and we always hear about the trials and troubles our country has gone through. We never, however, go into depth on the trials and troubles of the other counties, some of which affect our own individual home countries. Traveling to different countries opened my eyes to the fact that other countries have gone through similar and different trials as the United States of America. It is through my travels that my decision on what major to pursue as a career became clearer:

Broadcast journalism with a focus on Political Science in an international perspective and a minor in history.

Just like our own home countries every country has a story. Just like none of your favorite novels are the same, no country’s story is the same as another. Traveling to these few countries strengthened my desire to learn more about other countries and how they have affected my own. With each country, each different person I conversed with, each food I tried, curiosity seeped through my veins. Soon I found I had a desire to tell most of these countries’ stories. It was not until later I had an epiphany that ended up influencing my decision.

I did not just have a desire to tell a country’s story and share it with others; I had the desire to tell any story, whether it be a country’s, individual’s, or organization’s, and share it. I already had a love for words, for public speaking, and for incorporating research into my works. Now I truly had a desire, motivation if you will. Traveling played a crucial factor in my decision on what career to pursue and I find myself incredibly grateful to my mother and father who made it possible to take these trips.

…and who also played a crucial role in my college experience and decision, but that is another confession for another day.

Anyways ladies, I am by no means trying to brag about my traveling experience. What I am trying to do is influence you to take any traveling opportunity you have. Do not take it for granted.

Take pictures for your memories, learn as much history about the particular place as you do the present, enjoy their cuisine, communicate with the people, lay out on the beach. Most importantly–enjoy yourself. You may or may not have the same revelation as I did. You may be led to journalism, engineering, medicine, law, or stick with your major but now pursue it with a newfound desire.

Either way you will be enlightened by some country. Please try to travel before the end of your college journey. You never know what traveling may evoke from within you.

I’m just an average college girl with many stories; many words; many confessions. 

These are just some of the confessions of an average college girl to average college girls.

…And there are many more to come.

Signing Out,




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