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Confessions of the Misconceptions of College

Mixed emotions are always associated with the term “college”. Whereas an individual may fear college, one may be excited to take on all that college has to throw their way. What is it that creates the feelings of fear or excitement in the minds of individuals?

That’s an easy answer.

Movies. Books. Testimonies from an older family member or a friend.

It is human nature to build beliefs from what others say or what one sees. Refer to it as being judgmental or consider it being apprehensive. Everyone goes through this stage at least once in his or her life. Luckily for you all, this average college girl has a few misconceptions to bring to light and dismiss.

In which there is no “in” in “Drinking” (but there is, technically), your author is selflessly going through coffee withdrawal, and misconceptions are demolished.

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The Confessions Within the Novelty of Things

Part of the 150 word drabble challenge, “Confessions Within A Picture”, that can be found on the page entitled “The Confessions in Pictures” under the menu.

Disclaimer: Before I begin I must let you know that I have tried sushi before and obviously like it, as I continue to go back for more. 


“The greatest failure is the failure to try.” ~William Ward

The reason I placed sushi as this post’s picture is not only because of its beautiful display, but also because I have met a number of people in the last six months who have failed to try it.

The next four years are to be the best years of your life; live with no regrets. Try new things.

Whether it be eating a combination of raw fish, rice, and seaweed or attempting a new activity; whether it be a traveling across the country or traveling around the world; whether it be making new friends or striving for all A’s.

Try something new.

Embrace your four years.

Your life is your novel; each thing you have yet to try, each place you have yet to visit, and each fear you have yet to conquer is a new chapter.

And guess what?

Only you are the author.

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Confessions of the Second Week Back Syndrome

Looked at your course schedules already, huh? Saw the mounds of exams, papers, and projects? Already behind with your readings? Don’t know when you’re going to have time to write that paper that is due in about four hours? Bags under your eyes? Not enough food in that stomach of yours that—thanks to the holiday season—is so used to constantly being full?

Missing your family’s cooking?

Yup, this sounds about right. The Second Week Back Syndrome has hit hard. Never fear! There are ways to right these issues in a matter of days.

 In which the “Second Week Back Syndrome” has taken its course, a cure is provided, and “The Rise of the Millennials” is upon us.

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Confessions of Syllabus Week & The Rise of the Professors

About a week ago I was spending time with my family laughing and reminiscing, and now here I am, completely worn out from my first week of my Sophomore Spring semester. It is amazing how time flies.

Typically, no matter what university or college the first week is usually deemed “Syllabus/Syllabi Week”. It is a week where classes really do not matter, as the only information to which you will be subjected is that on the syllabus. You know, the syllabus that you may have received via e-mail from your teacher ahead of time; the syllabus that you may have already ready read or skimmed over; the syllabus that really should not take as long as it does to go over in class. 

Either way, you are mostly reading a syllabus the first day of a particular class, if not the entirety of the first week. We students live for Syllabus Week. Whether you choose to go to class or not (which I would advise you do because professors have an uncanny way of noting faces who were not in the first class of the semester and calling you out) Syllabus Week is the easiest week of the semester. It is a known fact.

Well, at least it was a known fact. 

In which Syllabus Week is tarnished and the Rise of the Professors is scarier than the Rise of the Planet of the Apes.

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Confessions of a Changed Family During Your College Journey

Disclaimer: The following post is meant to give those of us who started our first week of the spring semester a break by providing laughter, scoffs, and maybe tears. Thank you. 


Oops, I did it again…I left my fish at home with the lady who murdered my first fish (rest in peace, Elmo the Beta): my mother. While I do realize this is the middle of the first week of the semester for some, including me, and I should have something school-related up, I do not. Yesterday was my first day of classes and even though I only had two, I feel burnt out. I could go on and whine about it, but I needed a break from school and those of you who are in the same predicament do, too.
The following story are based on true events. This story is to persuade you in taking your pet with you to school, for you never know what darkness said pet may face.
So without further ado here is the story of the late Elmo the Beta.
In which a beta fish is murdered, the author’s mother is the culprit, and the culprit’s husband confessed. 

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Confession: The Do’s & Don’ts of Returning to School

A lot of family, tons of food, probably a pound or two added, and I can officially say my winter break has come to a close. Just like millions in America and more across the world, I will be making my way back to an immense amount of papers, challenging exams, amazing professors, and functioning on less than thirty five hours of sleep a week.

While I love spending time with my family, boyfriend, and friends, I cannot say that I am not ready to return.

In which winter break is over, there are Do’s & Don’ts, and the author’s mother murdered her beta fish. 

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