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Confessions of Syllabus Week & The Rise of the Professors

About a week ago I was spending time with my family laughing and reminiscing, and now here I am, completely worn out from my first week of my Sophomore Spring semester. It is amazing how time flies.

Typically, no matter what university or college the first week is usually deemed “Syllabus/Syllabi Week”. It is a week where classes really do not matter, as the only information to which you will be subjected is that on the syllabus. You know, the syllabus that you may have received via e-mail from your teacher ahead of time; the syllabus that you may have already ready read or skimmed over; the syllabus that really should not take as long as it does to go over in class. 

Either way, you are mostly reading a syllabus the first day of a particular class, if not the entirety of the first week. We students live for Syllabus Week. Whether you choose to go to class or not (which I would advise you do because professors have an uncanny way of noting faces who were not in the first class of the semester and calling you out) Syllabus Week is the easiest week of the semester. It is a known fact.

Well, at least it was a known fact. 

In which Syllabus Week is tarnished and the Rise of the Professors is scarier than the Rise of the Planet of the Apes.

After my Syllabus Week I am fully convinced my professors caught on and completely destroyed the whole idea of Syllabus Week. 

Here is how it went down:

“Woke up in the morning feeling like P. Diddy”. Okay, maybe I did not. Tuesday was my first day of class and I woke up in the morning feeling like a college student who had spent the previous three weeks staying up all night. Yeah…you all know that feeling, as well as the appearance that comes with it. Anyways, I woke up in the morning around 8:00 for my 9:35 class. There was only one reason I woke up that early for a 9:35 class: It was uncharacteristically cold for Florida that day and Starbucks was on my mind. Around 8:45 one of my friends and I ran out the door and headed to class, with Starbucks as a detour.

Arriving to my class around 9:30, I set up my tablet with the syllabus on it, sit down, and proceed to talk to my fellow classmates in the lecture hall. My first class of the day and this semester: Political Theory. My professor—who thankfully is an extremely funny individual—walks in, introduces himself, and proceeds to discuss our relatively short syllabus. When he comes to the end of the syllabus around 9:50, I can hear some of my peers packing up, chatting quietly. Suddenly…

 “Now moving on to today’s lecture!”

I kid you not it became quiet instantly. Some of us even looked at each other in awe. A few sighs were heard as he continued talking. Materials were re-emerged from bags. 

 Did he not know the rules? No, that could not be it because he just mentioned how he worked here for over a decade.

 We were bamboozled. Not only did he teach a lecture, but he taught for the entirety of class. Then he had the nerve of not telling us “We probably won’t really start the class until next week, so don’t bother coming to the lecture on Thursday”. 

 What type of madness was this?

 It got worse. All of my professors followed the same exact structure. When I met up with some of my most trusted friends—my version of the kitchen cabinet if you will (kudos to whoever gets that reference. You the real MVP!)and discussed my situation with them, they relayed their similar experiences this week. 

 I called it on Saturday, January 10, 2015, as I was hanging out with some of my friends: The Rise of the Professors had begun, and this would be much scarier than Caesar and his ape friends.

 Syllabi Week had been demolished at my university. Now, it is my job as the sole survivor (okay, maybe I’m being a bit dramatic. There’s 50,000 students at my university and I’m sure they survived, too) to warn you of this outbreak. I have not yet discovered how to beat this outrageous phenomenon, so a warning will have to suffice. 

 The Rise of the Professors is real and the infamous Syllabus/Syllabi Week is being tarnished.

 To all of you who have just finished your first week of this new semester with this outbreak, the phrase “You the real MVP” applies to you. To those of you who have finished your first week of this new semester without this outbreak, “You the real MVP” still applies to you, I just dislike you a little bit. For all of you who are about to start your first week of the new semester all I can say is good luck, stay hydrated, and do not expect to receive much sleep.

 For all of you, “may the force be with you” this semester, and, by “force,” I mean the power of Starbucks

I’m just an average college girl with many stories; many words; many confessions. These are just some of the confessions of an average college girl to average college girls.

…And there are many more to come.

Good Luck,




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