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The Confessions Within the Novelty of Things

Part of the 150 word drabble challenge, “Confessions Within A Picture”, that can be found on the page entitled “The Confessions in Pictures” under the menu.

Disclaimer: Before I begin I must let you know that I have tried sushi before and obviously like it, as I continue to go back for more. 


“The greatest failure is the failure to try.” ~William Ward

The reason I placed sushi as this post’s picture is not only because of its beautiful display, but also because I have met a number of people in the last six months who have failed to try it.

The next four years are to be the best years of your life; live with no regrets. Try new things.

Whether it be eating a combination of raw fish, rice, and seaweed or attempting a new activity; whether it be a traveling across the country or traveling around the world; whether it be making new friends or striving for all A’s.

Try something new.

Embrace your four years.

Your life is your novel; each thing you have yet to try, each place you have yet to visit, and each fear you have yet to conquer is a new chapter.

And guess what?

Only you are the author.



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