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The Confessions Within A Lack of Familiarity

Part of the 150 word drabble challenge, “Confessions Within A Picture”, that can be found on the page entitled “The Confessions in Pictures” under the menu.


It’s amazing how little one really knows about a place. I have been attending my school for a year and a half. I thought I knew the ins and outs of my college town.

The quest for a popsicle changed that idea.

My friend and I decided to go find local “hole-in-the-wall” restaurants and divulge in their food. One day after lunch, we decided on going to a popsicle shop that had over 50 flavors.

Suddenly, we found ourselves in an area that individuals consider “midtown”.

It was beautiful.

I was so used to eating at the commercial part of town that I truly overlooked this gem. I was comfortable. I was so comfortable I did not want to venture out.

It is honestly amazing what you miss out on when you stick with familiarity.

My message? Go venture out with friends. You have four years. Why miss something beautiful?

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Confession: The Influence of Friends on Your College Experience

It’s week seven of “The Rise of the Professors” for some of us. We’ve made it through quizzes, papers, presentations, projects, and exams.

Now, it’s time for midterms. We’ll be faced with stress. Oh…and…what’s sleep? A distant memory? Okay.

We have to find a way to crack our phlegmatic professors’ exteriors–a way to succeed.

Luckily, there’s a cure to handling college (no, not the small carton of ice cream you have in your freezer).

It’s friends.

In which your author takes quotes from Disney movies to relate the importance of friendship in college.

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Confession: How You Know It May Be Time to Call It Quits

I know, I know! Valentines Day was this weekend! Why is she putting this up now? Well, it’s also the third week of February and midterms are coming. Oncoming stress is headed your way. Remember that as you read on.

All right ladies, let’s face it: college is nothing like we see in the movies. There’s no fast romance, no Barden Bellas, no consecutive good hair and makeup days, no way to stay fit without physical labor. Hollywood sure messed us up.

There is one thing it did get right, though: relationships aren’t easy in college. They can add on to ever-growing your stress level. Who needs more stress in college?

In which relationships are stressful, sticks & stones have nothing on words, and there’s a line between money and passion.

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The Confessions in Animal Crackers

Tuesday, February 10, 2015, Daily Post’s prompt:

“The Transporter: Tell us about a sensation—a taste, a smell, a piece of music—that transports you back to childhood.”

The sensation of taste is such a powerful sense of the body. Taste has the power to evoke tears due to the spiciness of a food. Taste has the power to paint a smile on a once somber face after taking a bite of cake. Taste has power. As I was sitting at a bench on campus working on assignment, taste had the power to transport my mind to my childhood. What was I eating?

An animal cracker.

In which a sensation has the power to transport one back to their childhood and an animal cracker did that for your author.

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Confession: New to College? Here’s What You Need to Know

So often do the majority of us forget that individuals do not only start college in the fall semester. Just as some of us may have started in the fall, others have started that summer before and some have just started four weeks ago. Either way we are all college students. Those who have started recently are newer to this “new world” and the differences it holds. It’s our job to fill them in. These are the four lifestyles you will have to take on when entering this “new world”. If only Christopher Columbus had these tips.

In which flip flops are a bathroom necessity, pajamas outside of the home are still not socially acceptable, and college and America’s Next Top Model do not interrelate. 

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Confessions in the Silver Linings of Stress

I’m stressed out of mind. You know me; I’m going to be blunt with you guys. Honest, even. My “balance” method works, I promise you…unless you forgot to add a “miscellaneous” section for any other activity that will help your resume.

Balance = temporarily thrown off.

Moving on…

This post has not been edited by editor or seen by anyone else. This is just me talking to you.

The semester has only been in session for four weeks and I am falling apart like a Nature Valley granola bar. It may just be me, but when I’m stressed I cannot focus on much such as what is currently important: school.

And this blog.

Last night, I typed away for the next blog post that would have been up today instead of this one. I really, really, really did not want to write; I thought I felt inspired, but I really wasn’t at all. I continued typing, though, because I did not want to let you all down. If I didn’t post today it would have been one whole week since I last posted.

Failure was not an option.

But here’s the thing when you’re crumbing like a Nature Valley granola bar: things you want to say, type, or text, come out meaner than they should. Sometimes, you don’t even think before you speak, type, or text. You just act.

And while actions speak louder than words, imagine how loud actions that can be read through your words are.

In which your author admits to an almost made mistake, actions within words speak the loudest, school is taking its toll, and we are the light source in this dark period known as stress.

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