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Confessions in the Silver Linings of Stress

I’m stressed out of mind. You know me; I’m going to be blunt with you guys. Honest, even. My “balance” method works, I promise you…unless you forgot to add a “miscellaneous” section for any other activity that will help your resume.

Balance = temporarily thrown off.

Moving on…

This post has not been edited by editor or seen by anyone else. This is just me talking to you.

The semester has only been in session for four weeks and I am falling apart like a Nature Valley granola bar. It may just be me, but when I’m stressed I cannot focus on much such as what is currently important: school.

And this blog.

Last night, I typed away for the next blog post that would have been up today instead of this one. I really, really, really did not want to write; I thought I felt inspired, but I really wasn’t at all. I continued typing, though, because I did not want to let you all down. If I didn’t post today it would have been one whole week since I last posted.

Failure was not an option.

But here’s the thing when you’re crumbing like a Nature Valley granola bar: things you want to say, type, or text, come out meaner than they should. Sometimes, you don’t even think before you speak, type, or text. You just act.

And while actions speak louder than words, imagine how loud actions that can be read through your words are.

In which your author admits to an almost made mistake, actions within words speak the loudest, school is taking its toll, and we are the light source in this dark period known as stress.

I woke up and went to yoga this morning. It was sometime within the Downward Facing Dog pose that it hit me: what I typed out last night to post this morning was rash; unnecessary, even.

It could have well tarnished your view of me, as it kind of tarnished my view of myself.

My mother texted me five minutes after I returned home and deleted the document, telling me NOT to post what I had sent to be edited. You have no idea how good it felt to already see my wrong myself and fix the situation.

However, I still worried about what I was going to post for you all. I was searching through my ipad when I found something I had typed out last year, dated January 14, 2014, for my short-lived tumblr block.

It was actually what I needed to here. Whether you believe in God or some other power, it’s just really amazing how God/life works.

Without further ado, here is why whatever stressful matter is thrown your way is a good thing:

Lost a job?

Papers, exams, and projects, galore?

Have an ever-increasing amount of debt?

Friendships dissipating?

Bad break-up?

Lost a loved one?

All of these situations are absolutely horrible, some worse than others.  Unfortunately, there comes a time in life when each one of these situations are experienced at least once.

Situations such as these have different effects on each individual. They all, however, do form a cloud of judgment in our minds right after the time we experience them.

Am I good enough?

How did I get into school?

Why did he/she leave me?

Will I ever achieve my goals?

The amount of time our minds are clouded by judgment varies. Some only last for a few days, and others can last for up to months. The ones that go from days to months to years have the power to form into a case of depression.

When you experience this situation, you may be asking “Why me?” or “What did I do to deserve this?” You may form an emotion close to self-pity. You may close yourself off from the world. You even may find yourself angry with yourself, others, or just life in general.

What you do not realize is that every single negative situation that you go through, from death to losing a job to an array of assignments and so on, is just a period of darkness.

And you?

You are the star that can illuminate the room, dissolving the darkness.

Every single thing that happens to you happens for a reason. Whether it’s God or just life playing its role in your life, every thing happens for a reason.

If you lose a job, maybe it allows another door to open up into your life that, in the long run, is better than the first.

Maybe your friendship with someone you’ve known since the beginning of high school ended just to open you up to the new experiences or new people you meet in college, share the same interests as you, and who are more-than-likely going to be your friend for life.

Those papers, exams, and projects? Guess what? They’re preparing you for the real world. You can do this. You were accepted into college for a reason far beyond your looks and personality. You, my friend, are an intelligent individual who can’t let these building blocks get in the way of your future.

And maybe, just maybe, the ending of a relationship between a loved one and yourself sheds light on someone you did not know was always there, always looked out for you, always loved you the way you deserve to be loved.

What I am trying to say is that every single negative situation is just a form of darkness trying to overshadow the light that you are; the star that you are.

But you are a star. We’re all stars. We can all shine through these times of darkness and make it through whatever is being thrown at us.

Remember, in the words of certain country-pop female sensation: “Don’t you worry your pretty little mind; people throw rocks at things that shine.”

And if rocks are being thrown at you, or darkness is overclouding you, be proud; that just means you have been doing your job of shining.

So shine on.

I’m just an average college girl with many stories; many words; many confessions. 

These are just some of the confessions of an average college girl to average college girls.

…And there are many more to come.

Look for the silver linings,




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