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Confession: New to College? Here’s What You Need to Know

So often do the majority of us forget that individuals do not only start college in the fall semester. Just as some of us may have started in the fall, others have started that summer before and some have just started four weeks ago. Either way we are all college students. Those who have started recently are newer to this “new world” and the differences it holds. It’s our job to fill them in. These are the four lifestyles you will have to take on when entering this “new world”. If only Christopher Columbus had these tips.

In which flip flops are a bathroom necessity, pajamas outside of the home are still not socially acceptable, and college and America’s Next Top Model do not interrelate. 


     n. The misconstructed view of college students that dorms are luxurious instead of resembling a nicer looking jail cell in size and appearance.

Wait? There’s No Room Service?

Ladies, dorms are not a five-star hotel; some don’t even compare to that of a motel. Average dorm room: 15×15 and do remember you may be sharing this room. On the plus side, dorm rooms are never too big that it’ll take long to clean. That’s right: along with the stress of classes and organizations you’ll still have to clean your own room. At least it’s only the room and not bathrooms…

Add Flip-Flops to Your Bathroom Necessities

Living in a traditional dorm=sharing a bathroom with 40 girls on your floor.

Showers stalls=the size of bathroom stalls and are cleaned once a day, except for weekends.

You’ll trek from your room to the bathroom, essentials in hand and flip-flops on feet. Why? Do you want your feet to come in contact with clumps of hair?

Oh? Privacy? Well, uh, remember the Pitch Perfect scene where Anna Kendrick is in the shower and Brittany Snow just pulls back the curtain? Yeah…there’s your privacy.


     n. A lifestyle that involves an excessive amount of time spent with human beings; some signs include friendships, clubbing, romantic relationships, etc.

Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems? More Like No Money, No Problems

Who says money is everything? Your school knows that finances may be hard during these four years; it has your back. Look for e-mails, fliers, and more for fun and free events put on by your school/residential hall. There’s sporting events, movie nights, food, and then some. Unless your idea of fun is clubbing 24/7, than who says you need money for fun? Certainly not this guy.

Ain’t Nobody Fresher than…Wait…Where’s My Clique?

Oh, so you really thought you and your girls would be walking around everywhere at anytime talking, giggling, and gossiping? Yeah…no. Hollywood lies. You will not always see your clique every day; you will not eat with your clique every day; you will not be with your clique every day. I mean, you’re going to have to pick between the clique or sleep eventually.


     n. The imaginative lifestyle where individuals believe that can achieve straight A’s without the stress.

Pajamas, Professors, and You

Please be warned that professors are not what they may appear to be like on television; neither is college. Sure, you can roll out of bed and head to class in your pajamas. Do NOT expect your professors to not call you out. You’ve never been embarrassed until an intellectual individual calls you out in an equally intellectual manner in front of 300.

Lectures = No One-on-One Time?

Believe it or not, not every class you take will be considered “lecture sized”. It’s not rare to have a class of only 20. The less people the easier it is to understand a concept and have questions answered. As for your lecture classes, you usually meet up for lectures 2-3 times a week and break up into a class of 20 to meet with your TA who will go over the week’s lesson with you. College isn’t as scary as it looks.


     n. The one-on-one time individuals think they’ll have since they’re all alone; unfortunately, few realize they’ll be sharing that time with class work, friends, papers, professors, TAs, and blah, blah, blah.

It’s College, Not America’s Next Top Model

Ever noticed the female protagonist of a movie who’s in college always has perfect makeup, perfect outfits, and perfect hair? Yeah…that’s not going to be you. The first few days? Sure. The first few weeks? Maybe. A month…not so much. Drake’s “sweatpants, hair up, chilling with no makeup on…” could not apply more to a period in your life. It’s fine. Embrace it. We’ll be out in the world of suits, skirts, dress pants, and heels in no time.

Family Is Key

The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders have nothing on your cheerleaders. There is no one who will support you more than your loved ones will. Need to share a good grade without showing off to your friends? Call home. Need to cry? Call home. Need a laugh? Yeah, friends are great, but who has funny, embarrassing stories of your brother? Home. I’ve always been close to my family—both in the physical and emotional sense—but I can honestly say I have never felt closer to them than I do now. Yes studying is great, but I honestly believe my family and God fuse together as the backbone of success in my college career.

There you have it, ladies. A small excerpt of a large blueprint on what to expect when expecting…college, that is.

I’m just an average college girl with many stories; many words; many confessions. 

These are just some of the confessions of an average college girl to average college girls.

…And there are many more to come.

Now You Know,




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