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Confession: How You Know It May Be Time to Call It Quits

I know, I know! Valentines Day was this weekend! Why is she putting this up now? Well, it’s also the third week of February and midterms are coming. Oncoming stress is headed your way. Remember that as you read on.

All right ladies, let’s face it: college is nothing like we see in the movies. There’s no fast romance, no Barden Bellas, no consecutive good hair and makeup days, no way to stay fit without physical labor. Hollywood sure messed us up.

There is one thing it did get right, though: relationships aren’t easy in college. They can add on to ever-growing your stress level. Who needs more stress in college?

In which relationships are stressful, sticks & stones have nothing on words, and there’s a line between money and passion.

Let me clear the air: I am not a bitter young woman; I am blessed to have a boyfriend whom I am happily in a relationship with, supports me, doesn’t stress me out, and actually encourages me to do my schoolwork. I only want to give some friendly advice to avoid a situation that may add on to the stress of college. I have no predilection in terms of gender; this is a gender neutral post.

Without further ado, here are some signs it may be best to part ways with your significant other before it negatively affects you:

Fighting Dirty: Sticks & Stones Hurt, but Words Will Always Hurt More…
Not in the physical sense (however, that’s definitely a reason to leave, too), but more in the argumentative sense. We’re young; we’ll say horrible things when engaged in an argument. I understand this. Under no means, however, should you or your significant other take jabs at each other using deep and personal ammunition that you know will hurt the other. Words hurt. Hurtful words will reside in the back of your mind. What your significant other said will reside in the back of your mind. Remember that.

“That’s dumb”, “You won’t pass”, “Are you stupid?”
Those words may or may not hurt coming from a friend. Coming from your significant other is a different story. If you’re serious about someone, what he or she has to say has the power to motivate you or discourage you. College will have its discouraging days; there’s no way around it. There will be tears and meltdowns. You will get on yourself some days. What you need is someone (other than your family) who will help you get through, not someone who will knock you further down.

One Way Street to…?
Ladies, so often are we the ones who do this. You cannot expect your significant other to do all the work in the relationship, especially on top of his/her schoolwork. Your boyfriend shouldn’t have to plan the entire Valentines Day for you. Your girlfriend shouldn’t have to plan a beach/lake outing by herself. You’re a couple; a team. Eliminate the stress of solely making plans by sharing the responsibility.

Money or Love?
There are so many majors and so many careers. The right major you will truly enjoy; maybe even the classes that come with it. Pursue what you love. Don’t let your significant other discourage you from your beloved major because it’s not “practical” in terms of future money. I’m not saying you and your other half shouldn’t look to the future. You should. Your future should be more about happiness than money, though. Don’t pursue something you don’t enjoy just because it brings in better money. Pursue something you love. You may be shocked by what unfolds.

Ladies (and to my gentlemen), I am no expert when it comes to relationships. I’m not saying you can’t work issues out. I’m just an average college girl that is no stranger to college stress.

Within the next four years, you will get down on yourself. Within the next four years, you will cry. Within the next four years, you will encounter a stress like no other. Within the next four years, however, you will grow.

Do we really need someone so close to us to hinder that growth?

I’m just an average college girl with many stories; many words; many confessions. 

These are just some of the confessions of an average college girl to average college girls.

…And there are many more to come.

Happy Valentine’s Weekend, 




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5 thoughts on “Confession: How You Know It May Be Time to Call It Quits

    1. My thoughts exactly, Natalie! Too many people (whether male or female) are getting hurt because they don’t know what and when to do. They think it only affects them then, but let’s not forget the long-lasting effects it could have on them in the future!

      Thank you for the comment!


  1. I’d like to add convenience to the post. If you’re only with someone because they’re easy to be with,but there are no sparks,then it’s safe to let them go. You want to be with someone you can’t live without, not tolerate to live with


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