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The Five Things No One Told You About College

I know, I know. Haven’t I already written a post similar to this? Well, yes Madame-Point-Out-The-Author’s-Faults, but there always things to learn about college. Also, this post comes after many individuals have found themselves accepted into college and have finally chosen one to attend.

So without further ado:

In which money for food is most important to your author and no matter how many posts about preparing for college your author writes, you may never really be prepared. That’s fine, though. Seriously, it is.

Money Does Not Grow on Trees
Oh, so you have heard this saying? From your parents? You’ve never believed it? Well, you’re about to learn today. You cannot just pick up money off the ground and use it to fulfill the many desires you’ll have in college. Limit yourself. It really isn’t hard. Like I have mentioned in previous posts, your university and organizations will hold many events that call for no money at all. Take advantage of these events. Save the money for other occasions, such as a beach day with your closest friends. Oh…and food…that is important, you know.

Your College Friends Will Be Your Friends for Life
Have friends from kindergarten still? Great. You and your middle/high school clique are still close? Awesome. Guess what, though? By time you graduate, no one outside of your family is going to know you better than your college friends do. These are the friends who will be there when you cry, there when you struggle, there when you’re ready to give up, yet they never turn away. These are the friends who will see you at your best and worst, but will love you anyway. These are the friends you’ll want your kids to know; to have.

“Me Time” Is Possible
In one semester you’ll probably take about fifteen credit hours. You may join a few organizations, too. Hey! Don’t forget spending time with friends. Schoolwork, meetings, friends, food, sleep; those 24 hours in the day aren’t as long as they used to seem. Don’t get caught up in everything, though. You need “Me Time”. It is possible. Find a peaceful place on or off campus to relax. Go to the gym and work off your frustrations. Even simpler: take a nap; sleep for more than your usual three hours. Do what makes you happy. Take time for yourself.

Your Roommate(s) May Not Always Be Your Best Friend(s)
This is not home: just because you live together does not mean you have to like each other. Most colleges have a roommate search app that makes it easy to find roommates similar to you. They don’t always work out, though. That’s okay. There are other people at your school. You don’t have to feel the need to constantly hang out with your roommate. As long as there is trust, mutual respect, and cordiality, I promise you can make it through the year. Hey! Who knows? Maybe they will turn out to be your best friend in the long run.

You’re Never Really Prepared
It doesn’t matter how many blog posts you read, how many people you ask, or how much you have checked off on your pre-college list, you will never really be prepared for what college has in store for you. You will never be prepared for the overwhelming happiness you will feel when you receive an “A” on an exam. You will never be prepared for the overwhelming sadness you feel when you don’t do as well as you expected. You will never be prepared for the amount of laughter had or the amount of tears shed. Don’t be scared, though. Some of the best moments experienced come at the most unexpected times. I learn that everyday.

Kudos to everyone who has been accepted into school and has either chosen which one they will attend or is in the process of choosing the place where they may spend the next four greatest years of their lives.

I’m just an average college girl with many stories; many words; many confessions. 

These are just some of the confessions of an average college girl to average college girls.

…And there are many more to come.

Good Luck, 




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2 thoughts on “The Five Things No One Told You About College

  1. Considering I’m a college junior now, I definitely connect with your post! The hardest lesson I had to learn was your roommates are just that, ROOMMATES, not friends. It was hard for me to grasp that it’s totally okay to not love who you live with because they may just be crazy, lol. Great post & I definitely second every point you make. xoxo.

    The Budget Divaa │


    1. It is so hard to even think about it! All we see in movies and television shows are the main characters getting along with their roommates that we so desperately want to, too. Thanks for the comment!


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