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Confessions for Procrastinators

Whether you’re just getting off of Spring Break or have been off for a few weeks the end of this school year has almost arrived. Summer plans are being made and you may feel like slowing down and preparing for this well-deserved break is an option.

Too bad your professors don’t share the same sentiment.

In which professors want summer break like us, but are not going to make the road to summer any easier.

Professors are humans just like us. They, too, are making summer plans and want to slow down.

They won’t, though.

Prepare to be hit with more papers, more projects, and more exams that count more for your final grade than past ones.

Completed the first ten weeks of the semester holding all A’s? This isn’t elementary school, my friends. Slack off now and prepare to watch those A’s go downhill.

Organization is just as important now as it was the beginning of the year. It is the key to fighting procrastination, the self-developed trait that could kill your “perfect” semester. Maybe you were able to procrastinate throughout the entirety of high school. Hey, maybe you were able to procrastinate throughout the first few weeks of the semester. I can almost promise you, however, that the last few weeks of the semester is not the time to procrastinate.

Honestly, I could go on and on about the evils of procrastination. Ranting would not be as beneficial, however, as suggesting tips and tricks to combat this horrible self-developed trait.

Plan, Plan, Plan Ahead
For students of all ages, a planner is the perfect way to organization. For us college students, it is the perfect tool to put in our arsenal against “The Rise of the Professors”. Whether you have an actual planner or just a blank sheet of paper, plan your days out accordingly. You can organize yourself based on choosing what tasks you would like to start and when to complete them by. You can organize yourself by going throughout your different syllabi and prioritizing what is the most important. Do whatever works. Oh, and let’s try sticking to our calendars, please.

To Date or To Have Study Dates? That is the Question
Just because classes are increasing in intensity does not mean your social life and/or relationship has to go on a hold. You can still continue to engage in both. However, try to set up study dates with friends in your classes, too. For some, working in a group with the same common goal helps increase their knowledge. No matter what class it is, no one will have the same notes. Everyone will have his or her different interpretation of what the book, professor, etc. had to say. Compare and contrast. Build upon these notes. Help each other out.

Deferred Gratification > Instant Gratification
Yes, you read right: delayed gratification is more important than instant gratification. No, I’m not telling you to procrastinate. I’m telling you to make rewards that you’ll give yourself after completing a task. Finished reading an important chapter for a quiz? Watch an episode of your favorite show. Baseball game with the friends? Don’t leave that room until you at least complete and edit two pages of that five-page paper. For this trick, honesty and diligence are key. Do remember, though, not to make food a reward. There’s nothing worse than being hungry when trying to study.

Change Location
I personally find it extremely hard to study in my room. There are just many distractions; my bed always looks extremely inviting. If you know you cannot study in your room or a specific area, don’t. Go somewhere where you’re comfortable, but not too comfortable to the point where falling asleep is a possibility. Be comfortable, but also ready to work. Some places with the power to motivate me to work are certain areas in the library, outside, and—my personal favorite—Starbucks, or any place that involves a good cup of coffee. Find your place of motivation.

There are many more tips and tricks I could divulge, but I’d rather you not use this post as a way to procrastinate from the mounts of work necessary to do for tomorrow. Stop distracting yourself and go study with yourself or friends. That show you wanted to watch can wait until after you read those few more pages in the chapter. Cross out some of those tasks on your planner at your local coffee shop.

We only have a few more weeks left. Let’s end strongly.

I’m just an average college girl with many stories. This is just one of the confessions of an average college girl to average college girls.

…And there are many more to come.

Sincerely your Average College Girl,




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