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Confessions Within the Power of Siblings

Dedicated to my little brother, who I desperately need to come back and be my editor.

My parents were fortunate enough to grow up in households having more than one sibling. My parents are fortunate to still have a great relationship with their siblings.

Even though I have one sibling, I am just as fortunate.

My mother always tells my brother and me that we are all each other have. When I was younger I didn’t understand. We would grow up, marry our respective spouses, have kids, and be as close as my immediate family is with my parents’ families.

Then my grandmother passed away and I understood.

In which there may be no greater a love–no stronger a love–than the love shared between siblings. 

Though I was twelve, I knew this much: my mother, my aunt, and my uncles had each other’s backs like no one else. Throughout the planning, throughout the tears, and throughout the speeches, they were there for each other.

I finally understood.

No one will understand the love for your family like your siblings.

No one will love you like your siblings.

So, in honor of it being National Sibling Day, here are the moments you need to thank your sibling(s) for.

Thank you for:

…Being My Best Friend Since Day One
Maybe you were confused when your parents brought home a screaming human being wrapped in a blanket. Maybe the constant screaming annoyed you. Maybe the jealousy ate away at you to the point you thought friendship was not in the question.
But it’s inevitable. The moment your parents brought home that screaming and smelly human being, having a new best friend was inevitable.

…Reading My Mind
For the most part, no one feels the same way about your family than your siblings. How would you ever make it through those holiday family dinners without shared glances, mind reading, and sly smiles?
Better question: how would you ever make it through your father’s horrible rendition of the late Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You”?
You wouldn’t.

…Making Me a Fighter
The shoves, the kicks, the flicks, the objects thrown; there are no better fights than the ones you have with a sibling. Sure, mom and dad hate it—and sometimes you do, too—but it won’t last longer than a few years. At least you know for the future that when the going gets tough, you can be tougher. Oh, and if your sibling puts up that much of a fight against you…imagine how much of a fight your sibling will put up for you.

…Letting Me Embrace My Inner Weirdo
Whether it is playing embarrassing games, taking ugly selfies, or listening to you try to sing songs and notes that you and your siblings both know you cannot and should never try to hit, they still let you embrace your inner weirdo…
In the privacy of your own home…or in public…or in front of their friends.
Expect payback if it was in front of the latter.

…Having My Back Like No One Else
Whether it was against the unstoppable and equally competitive team known as “mom & dad” or against cousins who were siblings, too, your siblings have your back like no one else. There is no one as strong a team than mom & dad, but you and your siblings put up a pretty good fight and sometimes even get in a little win here and there.

…Listening to My Complaints About Mom & Dad
“They just don’t understand” or “Why aren’t they listening?” Either way, no one is going to understand your complaints about your parents more than your sibling. He or she may not always agree with you, but that’s fine, too. It’s nice to have someone who’s been through the same thing listening to you.
Oh, and the ability to plot against your parents is always nice, too.

…The Laughs and the Tears
Inside jokes with your friends have nothing on inside jokes with your sibling. Receiving comfort from your siblings has everything over receiving comfort from your friends. A sibling is there for you through the good and the bad, no matter how many fights you had. Can you say the same for all of your friends?

There is nothing more I want to say than thank you:

…Mom & Dad for giving me a little brother.

…Mom for telling me that my brother and I are all we have.

…Grandma Gloria for raising kids that have as strong a family foundation as you did.

And most importantly…

Thank you, Kristian, for being the little brother that puts up with my girlish ways, plays video games with me, reads my mind, puts up with dad’s horrible rendition of “I Will Always Love You”, and everything in this post and then some.

I love you forever and always.

…wait, why are you guys still reading this? Go thank your siblings, too!

Happy National Sibling Day,



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