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The Confessions in the Changes of the Website

Instead of doing one of my traditional posts where I tell stories, nag give advice, and relate to my readers, I’m doing something different.

As many of you have e-mailed me about, there are a few changes to the site. So let’s get down to business so everyone can go on their way.

New Year, New Me

…except it’s not a new year.


Anyways, the site has gone through a title change. Instead of it being The Trials and Troubles of This Average College Girl the site is now called Coffee at Kayla’s. I don’t want this site just to be where I tell personal stories, give you a moral, and hope that it is relatable to the majority of readers.

The key purpose of this site is for everyone to voice their opinion. I want everyone to have a chance to say what they want, ask what they want, or discuss what they want.

You tell me what you want to hear, I provide the topic in my view, and everyone can comment their thoughts or stories.

It’s a win-win.

E-mail Me, Message Me, If You Wanna Reach Me

10 points for whoever can guess what show that’s from?

But seriously, I added the page “Social You, Social Me” where anyone can e-mail me for questions or collaborations, follow the website’s Facebook page for constant updates on new posts or talk to others, or follow me on Twitter.

I’d love to hear from you all!


When I first began the site in December 2014, this blog primarily shared advice for college girls on how to handle the daily college troubles.

That was too narrow of an audience. I enjoy writing about college, but there is so much more to life than college.

This being said, I have recently decided and even started writing about different topics that would focus on individuals of all ages. Topics that will now be seen on this website are:





Relationships (Family, Friends, Significant Others)

And that’s all for today! For more information or any questions feel free to contact me or look under the About page.

See you on Wednesday, June 3rd, for my first fashion blog post. Here’s a little sneak peak.

Fashion Preview 1

See You Soon,


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Confession: The Number One Person to Avoid in College Is…

You–a judgmental you to be exact.

So often we read articles entitled something along the lines of “The Top 5 Type of People to Avoid in College” or “The People You Won’t Be Friends with after College”. For those of us who like to take what we read as fact, we ignore or avoid these people.

By ignoring them, we may lose the chance to make a possible for friend for life.

Even worse, we may lose the opportunity to make an impact on someone.

In which your author takes a different route on a cliche topic and you may be your biggest obstacle.

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Confessions from a Small School Girl at a 50,000+ University World

Going to a university with over 50,000 individuals is probably one of my favorite journeys in life so far. This statement is coming from a girl who’s attended schools with less than 400 students her whole life until college.

Yes, you read correctly.

Since I was in kindergarten, I have attended K-12th grade private schools. My classes were made up of 15-30 individuals. Other than in high school, when AP and honor classes were introduced, I spent my days with the same classmates. My 2013 graduating class was a class of maybe 28.

Next thing I knew I was thrown into a world with over 50,000 people on a campus. My classes ranged from a 35-person discussion class to a 300-person lecture class. Walking across classes within 15 minutes was hard to do with thousands of others doing the same.

But I love it.

In which there’s a small school type of girl who loves a big university type of world.

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Confessions From a Career-Focused College Student

Kayla is my name and Journalism is my game.

I can’t believe I just used that lame line.

In all seriousness, though, I am a prospective junior pursuing a degree in both Broadcast Journalism and Political Science. My goal is to work my way up to an analyst/anchor position for networks such as ABC, CNN, or even ESPN.

The work force is such a competitive place. For my generation and the future ones to come, having a degree is just not enough to ensure a job. Sure, it may have its advantages, but employers are looking for more now. They are looking for more than just the grades; they are looking for experience, innovation, and thought leadership.

Experience comes in all forms, but internships are the major ones followed closely by volunteering.

So experience is what I gain throughout the school year. Whether it’s working with my school’s television broadcasting station, working on-air for the radio station, or blogging, I take whatever opportunity I can get.

In which your author is a bit lame, overthinking hurts the brain, and fear is mundane.

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Confession: How Traveling Affects Your Very Existence

Traveling can be an outlet. When you travel, you’re entitled to live stress free without a thought of your daily issues.

Traveling is an escape from reality.

Traveling is a step toward bettering yourself and possibly society.

Traveling can change your whole existence.

Those are pretty big claims I’m making. Can I back it up? Well, I could endow you with personal stories I have in regards to traveling, but that could be lengthy.

So then…how exactly can traveling affect your existence in the way I am claiming?

In which thoughts are provoked, minds are diversified, and finding yourself is key.

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Confession: The Way to Summer Lovin’

Excuse me for my three week long hiatus. I returned home from school for the summer on April 30th and since then, I have been getting my life in order for the upcoming three months.

These three weeks gave me a lot of time to think and thus, this post was created. Whether we want to accept it or not, we’re growing up. Responsibilities will have to be held if none are already. Life changes will have to be made.

But alas, we’re college students and don’t have much time. Then summer comes around and most of us have more time than ever within this last year.

What better time to make these life changes than the summer, right?

In which there is no universal guide to enjoying your summer so you must create your own.

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