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Confession: The Way to Summer Lovin’

Excuse me for my three week long hiatus. I returned home from school for the summer on April 30th and since then, I have been getting my life in order for the upcoming three months.

These three weeks gave me a lot of time to think and thus, this post was created. Whether we want to accept it or not, we’re growing up. Responsibilities will have to be held if none are already. Life changes will have to be made.

But alas, we’re college students and don’t have much time. Then summer comes around and most of us have more time than ever within this last year.

What better time to make these life changes than the summer, right?

In which there is no universal guide to enjoying your summer so you must create your own.

Establish a Health Regime
It’s May; school’s out. Who says you still can’t be “beach body” ready for that late summer trip? Actually, scratch the “beach body” idea; just focus on feeling good and maintaining that feeling. Summer is the time for you. More than likely you have fewer responsibilities right now than before. Take this time to set up a schedule where you have time to walk, run, or bike. Cook healthy dishes and make equally healthy choices. Stick with it. You don’t have to conform to the “beach body” criteria to look good this summer; just be healthy.

Spend Time with Your Loved Ones
College summers add up quickly. Within the next few years or months, you’ll be heading out into the “real world”. Some of these summer moments may be the last long period of time with your family. You may have to move to a different city, state, or country. You may have to work long hours. Hey, you may even be starting a family of your own. Remember the ones who’ve been there from the beginning. Go on vacations with them, have family nights, go to the movies. Make every moment count.

Travel, Travel, and Oh…Travel
Every place has a different story to tell and experience to face. Take advantage of this time to travel. As the years go, more responsibilities mount and there may be less and less leisure time. Take advantage of the little amount of responsibilities you may have now and go see the world. If that is too much, go to the state or the country right next to your own; even a different city is acceptable. We live in a diverse age, where we interact with individuals of different backgrounds. Get away and diversify yourself. Learn more; accept more; appreciate more.

Work for Tuition, or for Your Shopping Desires
Fewer classes mean more time for you…to get a job. College is expensive. Everything costs money. Don’t even get me started on gas. Whether your parents or the government are paying for your college experience or not, now is the time to save up money to be used toward the present and the future. Use money for your activities during the summer. Save up some money for the apartment you’ll have to pay for yourself once you graduate. Build your resume with experience.

Oh…and those shoes that have been in your shopping cart all semester deserve to be bought.

Document Every Moment
The phrase “college is the best four years of your life” does not just pertain to the Fall and Spring Semesters. Summer can be even better. Take a pic of that trip to Europe with your friends who you may find all live in different areas of the country or world after graduation. That night of karaoke on a family cruise starring your dad’s horrible singing deserves to be recorded and used as blackmail for the future. Every moment deserves to be remembered; take pictures of as many memories as you can.

Focus on the Future
I know, I know. In “Think More “Present” and Less “Future” I said to focus less on what could be and more on what is. It’s also important for you to use the present time to help establish your future. The workforce is a competitive environment. Every little skill you have helps. Take a class focusing on Microsoft Office. For those who want to work in the media, take classes that improve your photography and editing skills. My prospective doctors, volunteer at a hospital or clinic. Just take the opportunities you can find and make them into something beneficial.

There you have it. Now leave a comment, share, like, I don’t really mind. Just get off the computer and go make life happen.

Life does not wait for anyone.

Make this summer yours,



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