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Confession: How Traveling Affects Your Very Existence

Traveling can be an outlet. When you travel, you’re entitled to live stress free without a thought of your daily issues.

Traveling is an escape from reality.

Traveling is a step toward bettering yourself and possibly society.

Traveling can change your whole existence.

Those are pretty big claims I’m making. Can I back it up? Well, I could endow you with personal stories I have in regards to traveling, but that could be lengthy.

So then…how exactly can traveling affect your existence in the way I am claiming?

In which thoughts are provoked, minds are diversified, and finding yourself is key.

It’s no secret that many of us set up vacations to get away from the trials of life. Whether it be work, school, or both, vacations are a time to not have to think about challenges from these situations.

When you take the time out to distance yourself away from your routine, you are unknowingly giving your body and mind time to rejuvenate. Even more than this, you are unknowingly readying yourself for a triumphant return.

Opening Your Mind
Traveling to places allows us to see cultures and lifestyles that may not be presented on a daily basis. Situations from traveling allow us to see people, places, and then some in a different light.

When we travel, we see unique places and things that cause us to think; cause us to consider new ideas. Our minds are open to the idea of new and different things that can be incorporated into our own lives for the good.

Thought Provoked
With open minds come many different thoughts. The experiences we go through during our travels make us think differently.

Traveling can cause us to question everything we thought we knew as fact into theory. It may make us want to change habits and actions. It may get us thinking about ways we could have handled situations.

The sights and sounds encountered when traveling may misconstrue our thoughts, but for the good.

So often are our actions fueled by our beliefs and prejudices. We don’t converse with certain people because of the color of their skin. We don’t respect individuals due to their religious beliefs. We don’t go to certain areas because of the way they are portrayed.

Traveling almost forces us to talk to people, do things, or go places we normally would not. We observe different people, different cultures, and different lifestyles.

Whether we want to or not, we are diversifying our minds.

It is our choice to choose to embrace diversification or not.

Finding Yourself
As we enter into college or work, we often believe we have it all figured out; what we want to do and how to do it.

When traveling, we encounter different situations that the one our homes present us. Through these situations, we may find out that everything we believe to be fact is not. We may find that change is necessary and this change begins with ourselves.

As we travel, we learn things about ourselves we never knew. We find out what we believed about other places and people are misconstrued.

When we travel, we give ourselves the opportunity to cause our own personal period of enlightenment. We allow ourselves to know longer live an average existence, but a beneficial one instead.

Safe Travels,



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