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Coffee with a List: 101 Goals in 1001 Days

Dedicated to the five girls I met at my local Dunkin’ Donuts yesterday who told me they were fans of Coffee at Kayla’s. Ainsley, Mariah, Jude, Nikki, and Sara, your words really meant a lot and definitely gave me motivation to write again. Thank you.

Carpe diem; seize the day.

One hundred and one activities I want to accomplish in one thousand and one days; it’s a pretty simple concept. So what is it that makes this challenge/list different from a bucket list? 

The deadline for a bucket list is usually one’s own death; this list’s deadline is 1,001 days from the start. Personally, I feel like 101 in 1,001 days has the ability to inspire individuals to go out and make things happen for themselves immediately.  

My 101 in 1,001 days consist of events and activities I would enjoy partaking in, people I love to surround myself with, and dreams and goals being met. It will be updated on a monthly basis, allowing for some of the events met to be blogged about. 

This list is not here to take importance of your life; it’s here to make sure you’re living your life out to its fullest…enjoying every single second of the way as you continue to grow in ways you can only imagine. 

So without further ado, here is my 101 in 1,001 days.

Start Date: Monday, July 20th, 2015

Finish Line: Monday, April 16th, 2018

101 in 1001

1. Finish list of 101 things
2. Inspire someone else to make a list 


3. Have a picnic
4. Attend three concerts 
5. Attend a parade
6. Attend a festival
7. Paint pottery
8. Decorate my room in the apartment
9. Watch the sunrise
10. Throw a surprise party
11. Create a collage
12. Participate in a cultural event
13. Restrain from a guilty pleasure for 30 days
14. Attend a midnight premier of a movie
15. Vote in a presidential election
16. Make a scrapbook
17. Read the newspaper on a daily basis for a week
18. Become fluent in the Spanish language
19. Clean out my closet/drawers
20. Donate clothing
21. Become certified in CPR
22. Take A Zumba Class
23. Celebrate a holiday never celebrated before 
24. Lead a youth group for six months
25. Fly a kite
26. Watch CNN an hour every night for a week 
27. Create a photo album
28. Receive a internship from a broadcast media company
29. Drive a vehicle other than a car


30. Have 100 followers
31. Have 100 posts
32. Write five book reviews
33. Compile a list of top 10 blogs
34. Create a blog schedule
35. Start a V-Log
36. Self-host Coffee At Kayla’s 
37. Start earning revenue from blogging 
38. Post five fashion related posts


39. Go a week without spending money
40. Have a quarter piggy bank until I graduate
41. Make a budget
42. Start an “After College” bank account


43. Cook three new recipes
44. Learn how to make three Jamaican dishes from my grandparents
45. Compile 20 recipes to make my own personal cookbook
46. Eat a healthy breakfast everyday for a week
47. Make a pizza
48. Make s’mores
49. Try five new meals
50. Follow a vegetarian diet for a week 
51. Learn 5 healthy recipes
52. No fast food for 30 days
53. Try out ten new restaurants
54. Visit five “hole-in-the-wall” restaurants/cafes
55. Collaborate with another blogger/blog
56. Get over 200 views on my blog in one day
57. No eating out for a week
58. Bake five new desserts


59. Floss Daily
60. Go to a spa
61. Get to my goal weight range (125-130 lbs.)
62. Lose 10 pounds 
63. Establish a workout system

Out & About

64. Have a classy Audrey Hepburn-esque brunch
65. Check out a new amusement park
66. See a national landmark
67. Find a local coffee shop
68. Take part in karaoke 
69. Go to a MLB game
70. Go to a NFL game
71. Go to a NBA game
72. Visit a zoo
73. Board a Dinner Cruise
74. Attend a Universal Mardi Gras concert


75. Graduate from college
76. Buy a tea set
77. Don’t buy clothing for a month
78. Wear only dresses/skirts for a week
79. Celebrate my 21st birthday
80. Find a church 
81. Transform my wardrobe into more of a professional look
82. Write a letter to the future me (of 10 years)
83. Build a portfolio
84. Write a travel guide for Gainesville 


85. Watch five classic films
86. Read five biographies and/or autobiographies
87. See three plays
88. Watch three documentaries
89. Collect a list of 30 quotes from books I’ve read


90. Go to Disney World/Universal with friends
91. Complete our movie list with my boyfriend
92. Take my grandparents to breakfast/dinner for their anniversary
93. Cook an elaborate dinner for my parents
94. Establish “Sibling Days” with my brother 
95. Let five friends know how thankful I am for their presence 
96. Create a tradition with my roommates 
97. Help someone without being asked
98. Write a letter to someone I admire


 99. Travel to three new places
100. Venture to a new city
101. Visit a state I’ve never been to before


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