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Why Indecision May Be Your Best Decision

I spent an hour figuring out today’s topic; I spent even more hours trying to figure out whether or not I wanted to write it.

I did, though.

Indecisiveness is commonly seen as a stressful and taxing characteristic, but it is so much more. Indecision delays one’s life for different periods of time. It consumes the thoughts of the individual, those thoughts mentally battering the individual’s mind. Overwhelmed by stress, sadness and frustration are common emotions. Headaches and tears are common physical attributes, as well.

As horrendous as the above description sounds, my indecision led me to make one of the best decisions of my life, a decision that could stay with me for the rest of my life: pursuing journalism. College is the best place for indecision.

In which your author challenges those who say ‘indecision is the enemy of progress’. 

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Coffee With a List: 101 in 1,001 Days–August 2015 Edition

With the last Friday of the month already here comes my monthly update of my list of 101 activities to do in 1,001 days. Within my original post I explained that this list is not created to stress me out by giving me a deadline, but to ensure that I am living my life with happiness in mind. So often do we focus on bettering our lives for the future that we forget to live our lives while preparing for that future.

In thirty-nine days I have traveled across the country and back, moved into my apartment in my university town, and started classes, successfully completing six activities from my list without even really trying. Completed activities are in bold and crossed out, with a minute amount of details to the side of them. Those with asterisks will be shared sometime within the month as a post.

Happy reading! Feel free to share some of your experiences as well!

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Coffee and a Chat: A Few Things This Junior Wished Someone Told Her as a Freshman

As another August comes to a close, another school year begins. While I’m readying to start my third year at my university, a lot of students across the world are embarking on their first year in college journey.

We call these students “freshmen”.

Freshman year can probably be one of the most life-changing transitions one goes through. You’re possibly leaving home and/or moving out; you may be leaving your friends and family; you actually have to study ahead of time instead of studying five minutes before class; you actually have to—what’s this—clean your room? Gasp!

Freshman year holds a lot of laughter and tears. To be honest, the experiences you may encounter are indescribable, really.

This is me trying to put into words the ineffable experiences of freshman year and what lies ahead. Here are a few things I wish someone told me my freshman year:

In which mom and dad aren’t the only superiors with power, comfort zones are expanded, and finding your Fat Amy is possible. 

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