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Coffee and a Chat: A Few Things This Junior Wished Someone Told Her as a Freshman

As another August comes to a close, another school year begins. While I’m readying to start my third year at my university, a lot of students across the world are embarking on their first year in college journey.

We call these students “freshmen”.

Freshman year can probably be one of the most life-changing transitions one goes through. You’re possibly leaving home and/or moving out; you may be leaving your friends and family; you actually have to study ahead of time instead of studying five minutes before class; you actually have to—what’s this—clean your room? Gasp!

Freshman year holds a lot of laughter and tears. To be honest, the experiences you may encounter are indescribable, really.

This is me trying to put into words the ineffable experiences of freshman year and what lies ahead. Here are a few things I wish someone told me my freshman year:

In which mom and dad aren’t the only superiors with power, comfort zones are expanded, and finding your Fat Amy is possible. 

No Judgment, No Worries, No Problem
High school is so three months ago, which means you don’t have to say “so” when expressing exaggeration or “like” after every other word just to fit in. Actually, you really don’t have to worry about being judged by your peers at all. More than likely you’re in a bigger school population-wise. Your fellow classmates aren’t worrying about what you’re wearing, if you’re not wearing makeup, or what you’re eating. They’re too busy worrying about their future to judge you. The more you worry about what you thinking people are saying about you, the more you may lose track of your goal. However, do make sure you make a good impression on your professors…so maybe you shouldn’t wear pajamas to class.

Office Hours: Go To Them
After food (and maybe other human beings) internships will be an important attribute in your college career. Of course, the application for internships usually requires a few recommendations from superiors. Who better than your professors to send in these letters (sorry, Mom and Dad)? Go to office hours not only when you need help, but also when you want to gain a better understanding of the topic at hand. Create a respectful relationship between your professor and yourself. Be the person with many recommendation options instead of the person stressing to find three.

Break Past that Comfort Zone
As a Junior I’m involved in three organizations and take part in two media opportunities. I am always looking for more ways to get involved. Freshman year, however, I was involved in absolutely nothing. Why? I was scared of trying new things and meeting new people. I went to a smaller-than-usual high school where exposing myself to people and opportunities was nothing scary. While I was comfortable in high school, I can honestly say I’m even more comfortable now. The thing with comfort zones is that they can be expanded. In order to achieve your goals, make new friends, and take advantage of all the opportunities your school has to offer. You need to expand your comfort zone. Comfort zones aren’t made to confine you; they are made to be expanded.

Time Will Tell You Your Friends
Your life is not Pitch Perfect. You’re not going to automatically find your best friend(s) the first day of school. You know what? That’s okay. I met four of my best friends here during my freshman year, but we weren’t best friends automatically. We were more like acquaintances. It took a semester or two more of being placed in the same class and running into each other that created the transition from acquaintances to friends. Two years later, the start of junior year, I’m sitting here writing this while laughing at everything going on in our group text. Whether we believed in God, destiny, or fate, our friendship was inevitable. Don’t rush in looking for the Fat Amy to your Beca, the Joey to your Chandler, or the Barney to your Ted.

Be patient.

Have a great year,



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