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Why Indecision May Be Your Best Decision

I spent an hour figuring out today’s topic; I spent even more hours trying to figure out whether or not I wanted to write it.

I did, though.

Indecisiveness is commonly seen as a stressful and taxing characteristic, but it is so much more. Indecision delays one’s life for different periods of time. It consumes the thoughts of the individual, those thoughts mentally battering the individual’s mind. Overwhelmed by stress, sadness and frustration are common emotions. Headaches and tears are common physical attributes, as well.

As horrendous as the above description sounds, my indecision led me to make one of the best decisions of my life, a decision that could stay with me for the rest of my life: pursuing journalism. College is the best place for indecision.

In which your author challenges those who say ‘indecision is the enemy of progress’. 

Knowing for sure your exact career choice upon entering college is a common misconception. As young adults, not students, we see how competitive the workforce is. We immediately want to immerse ourselves in the studies of our major, building our resumes and references up to help us after our undergraduate years in the career choice we “know” we want for our future.

It doesn’t work that way, at least not for everyone. Some of us are plagued with unsure thoughts in terms of what to study or what to become. We’re indecisive at a pivotal point in our lives.

But that’s okay.

College isn’t the time to improve yourself; it’s the time to really find yourself and then improve. We enter college thinking we know ourselves and what we want to do, only to be bombarded with diversity in so many ways.

Other than encouragement from my mother, I found my love for journalism by accident. I wanted to be a pediatrician since I was younger than ten. Upon my arrival at college I was majoring in chemistry following the pre-med track. From chemistry I went to health science and then psychology, continuing with the pre-med track for health science. It wasn’t until I decided to take a chance and take a journalism class that I was exposed to the intricacy and beauty that is journalism. It was my indecisive thoughts that led me to jump from major to major, stressed out for months.

But when I found journalism, I knew the indecision was over. There are no words to describe how good I felt or how everything seemed to fall in place.

We’re indecisive because there are so many choices that we could make; that we want to make. Indecision seems greedy, almost. Indecision doesn’t mean we’re selfish, though. It means we’re opportunists. Freshman year is the best time to be indecisive and to take advantage of any opportunity in front of you.

Earlier I described journalism as “intricate” and “beautiful”, but it doesn’t mean you feel the same way. I can, however, promise that when you find your major (even with the hardships it garners) it will be just as loved by you as journalism is by me.

I didn’t reinvent myself these last three years in college. Through the tears and stress that came with my indecision and transitioning from four different majors, I didn’t improve upon the person I already was.

I found myself. Through indecision I was able to find myself.

As for improvement, that starts now.



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3 thoughts on “Why Indecision May Be Your Best Decision

  1. I love this! I took a whole year of doing a program called a DTS after highschool, and one of the reasons was I didn’t know what I wanted to study. i just knew I loved writing and I love people… It took so long but I finally settled on my major, a B.A in English Literature with a minor in psychology and I Love it! I thank God I had that time to think, and pray, and ponder even through all the tears about what I really wanted to do…


  2. Excellent post! Indecision is not always a bad thing. Sometimes it’s your intuition telling you to have patience or to wait until something feels completely right.


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