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Six Lessons Our Favorite Six Friends Taught Us

Disclaimer: After an almost five month unofficial and rude hiatus, I have returned. The last semester left me feeling uninspired, but this semester has me feeling the exact opposite. I’m back and ready to post for your amusement and knowledge. I can only ask that you accept my deepest apologies and continue to stay with me as I finish out my last year and a half of college.

Okay…so they’re not really my friends, but that’s not the point.


Upon hearing about the much necessary and long awaited reunion of the popular sitcom “Friends” on Wednesday, one of my first thoughts was to issue a 38-day challenge where we all watch the entirety of the show. However, I realized that my target audience is composed of young adults who are either in high school or college, working a full-time job, or just trying to figure out their lives and a distraction such as this type of challenge would probably not be appreciated in the long run.

So instead of distracting you with 236 episodes of pure genius, I’ve put together six life lessons that six friends unconsciously taught us throughout the years.

I know…you’re welcome.

In which “Friends” is returning, “Unagi” really means “salmon skin roll”, and Chandler shows us that it’s okay to not currently have a significant other.

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