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Six Lessons Our Favorite Six Friends Taught Us

Disclaimer: After an almost five month unofficial and rude hiatus, I have returned. The last semester left me feeling uninspired, but this semester has me feeling the exact opposite. I’m back and ready to post for your amusement and knowledge. I can only ask that you accept my deepest apologies and continue to stay with me as I finish out my last year and a half of college.

Okay…so they’re not really my friends, but that’s not the point.


Upon hearing about the much necessary and long awaited reunion of the popular sitcom “Friends” on Wednesday, one of my first thoughts was to issue a 38-day challenge where we all watch the entirety of the show. However, I realized that my target audience is composed of young adults who are either in high school or college, working a full-time job, or just trying to figure out their lives and a distraction such as this type of challenge would probably not be appreciated in the long run.

So instead of distracting you with 236 episodes of pure genius, I’ve put together six life lessons that six friends unconsciously taught us throughout the years.

I know…you’re welcome.

In which “Friends” is returning, “Unagi” really means “salmon skin roll”, and Chandler shows us that it’s okay to not currently have a significant other.

It’s Okay to Be Confused
First day of work, exams in class, trying to figure out what’s next? You’re confused? So was Joey. Good thing he has great friends to help him out, and maybe share in his confusion as well, just like the rest of us.

Pizza Solves Many Things
Okay…food, in general, solves many issues. We’re adults now! Eat what you want when you want. Don’t think because you have a job you have to actually “adult” in life and cook (look at Rachel, who never cooked but adulted before our very eyes).

Order that pizza, invite a friend, and turn on Netflix and watch “Friends.”

(Yes, I’m aware I just used “adult” as a verb. I do it quite frequently.)

Refrain from Going With Any Animalistic Urges, Please
Uh…I mean, this should be a given. Whether you’re a supervisor at your job or working on a project in a group, always refrain from murder. It’s kind of the law.

And hey, if you’re feeling stress, do a Monica and phone a friend.

Unagi Always
UnagiActually, the real lesson should be the importance of knowing the meaning of words before using them, unless you enjoy being the Ross of your group. But for Ross’ sake, the lesson will be to always be aware of who and where you are. Find peace with yourself so you can find peace with others.

Oh…and salmon skin rolls taste good, too.

You’re Human; Have a Moment
We can’t always be in a perfect state of “unagi” and that’s okay. Life is going to throw so many obstacles your way and it’s okay to cry or scream for a bit. Grab a guitar like our friend Phoebe and sing out your feelings about a smelly, yet adorably creature…or whatever matters of real importance (sorry Phoebes) is bothering you in life.

Express yourself.

Embrace Being Single; Don’t Rush
Hey! It took Monica and Chandler over 90 episodes to get together and by then they had already known each other for years. No rush! Enjoy life. Establish friendships. Embrace your inner Chandler.

Whether you watched it from 1994 to its end a decade later or started last year when Netflix released it, “Friends” taught you more than school ever did and that alone makes it deserving of a reward.

Just kidding…stay in school.

Oh…and whether or not you take up my unofficial challenge, tune in to the reunion on February 21st.




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14 thoughts on “Six Lessons Our Favorite Six Friends Taught Us

  1. I haven’t actually got a chance to watch Friends regularly, but I have watched bits and pieces of it when ever I head over to friends houses. Even though I don’t regularly watch it, this was still hilarious! Thanks for sharing!

    Amy |


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