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To Roommate or Not to Roommate? That Is the Pre-College Question

Well, it happened again. In the long run of another situation my parents knew what was best, a fact which I must begrudgingly admit. Nevertheless, they have my gratitude and I’m so thankful I was mature enough to listen to them (or was it that they didn’t leave me with much of choice?).

While I don’t remember if I vocalized my displeasure or not, prior to attending college I remember not wanting a roommate. I didn’t want to share a room with another individual.

But I had no choice. My parents told me sharing a room and living in a dorm was the best way to meet new people. They told me college is the place where lifetime friends are made. 

So in June of 2013 I started my college journey in a dorm with one roommate.

Somehow in a three year span I went from not wanting one roommate to enjoying living in an apartment with two.

And now I wonder…why didn’t I want a roommate?

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