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To Roommate or Not to Roommate? That Is the Pre-College Question

Well, it happened again. In the long run of another situation my parents knew what was best, a fact which I must begrudgingly admit. Nevertheless, they have my gratitude and I’m so thankful I was mature enough to listen to them (or was it that they didn’t leave me with much of choice?).

While I don’t remember if I vocalized my displeasure or not, prior to attending college I remember not wanting a roommate. I didn’t want to share a room with another individual.

But I had no choice. My parents told me sharing a room and living in a dorm was the best way to meet new people. They told me college is the place where lifetime friends are made. 

So in June of 2013 I started my college journey in a dorm with one roommate.

Somehow in a three year span I went from not wanting one roommate to enjoying living in an apartment with two.

And now I wonder…why didn’t I want a roommate?

In which your author is a dynamic character who disagrees with the statement “less is more”. 

Instead of telling you the long story that includes the experiences that helped me change my view on the necessity of roommates, allow me to tell you why I’m thankful I have roommates.

My roommates and I usually do this thing where we worry about the missing roommate when they’re out later than usual on a day where they have a stagnant schedule. A text is sent and/or a call is made. Either way, we’re always making sure the other is safe. Whether it’s checking in on you when you’re gone or getting out of bed to go out with you late at night, your roommates have your best interests at heart.

On-Scene Motivation and Encouragement
Parents won’t always be available. Though they have lives and a schedule of their own, your roommates are usually around. Motivation and encouragement are a necessity in college. In my apartment, I’d like to think we all have our own ways of reaching out. As can be seen in the post’s featured picture, one of my roommates uses notes and baked goods to reach out. My other roommate always has something encouraging to say like “You got this!” or “You the real MVP!”. As for myself, I’d like to think I’m the rant-listener of the group. Either way, we all have each other’s backs.

Second Parents
If you have a good relationship with your roommates than there’s a good chance you’ll have one with their parents. Sometimes, it gets to the point when a roommate’s parents come into town they take the others out for lunch or dinner. When shopping for the kitchen or living room, it can almost be guaranteed their parents will make purchased based on the necessities of both their kids and you.

Sharing Tears
If you don’t cry once during college—take a medal. It’s practically inevitable. By crying alone, you wallow in self-pity. There’s no time for that. Crying with or around others who understand is—in my opinion—stress relieving. While I can’t remember a time my roommates and I have cried together, I can remember a few times one of us has gone to the others with our troubles. And ten minutes later, everything was okay.

In addition to my family and boyfriend, I credit my roommates with my ability to stay sane these last three years.

Afraid you’ll lose your mind in college?

Solution: get a roommate—a suggestion my roommates and myself.


And the roommate hunt? Well, that’s another story for another day.



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