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Defy Society’s Standards: Three Tips to Jumpstart the “Perfect You Body”

It’s that time of the year again: summer!

It’s time to get beach body ready, right?


The “perfect beach body” is a societal standard. You’re worth more than society’s standards.


Here’s the thing: the “perfect beach body” may not be healthy for everyone. Sometimes, getting that “perfect beach body” is more damaging than it is healthy.

That’s okay, though. You don’t need the “perfect beach body”. You need the “perfect you body”.

Nobody knows your body’s limit better than you do.

In which your author is a firm adversary of society’s standards and believes the best type of body is the one shown personal love and respect. 

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Stumble and Make It Part of Your Dance

Confession: I’m twenty-one years old and I’m pretty sure the longest I’ve ever been away from my family is three to four weeks at a time.


But true.

With my best friend back at home along with (what I consider to be) my immediate family of five, I find myself thankful that my university is only a little less than two hours away from home.

So frequent trips are possible…and have been made with excuses as to why I was coming home.

Freshman and Sophomore year, my excuse was free laundry.

Junior year, my excuse was I had a job back at home.

Senior year, the excuse will be the above.

Or that’s what I thought. Things changed.

In which growing up is a process and your author finally gets to use what little dance skills she learned from years of dance lessons.

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