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Stumble and Make It Part of Your Dance

Confession: I’m twenty-one years old and I’m pretty sure the longest I’ve ever been away from my family is three to four weeks at a time.


But true.

With my best friend back at home along with (what I consider to be) my immediate family of five, I find myself thankful that my university is only a little less than two hours away from home.

So frequent trips are possible…and have been made with excuses as to why I was coming home.

Freshman and Sophomore year, my excuse was free laundry.

Junior year, my excuse was I had a job back at home.

Senior year, the excuse will be the above.

Or that’s what I thought. Things changed.

In which growing up is a process and your author finally gets to use what little dance skills she learned from years of dance lessons.

My best friend announced in October of 2015 that he would be moving to a city almost two hours away from my home, but the same distance away from my university. He moved last week. March of 2016, I was offered a news internship at the CBS affiliate WCTV in Tallahassee that covers news in Tallahassee and South Georgia. I moved Sunday night. My little brother, more adventurous than I was at his age and probably than I am now, is spending two weeks at a camp this summer honing his musical talents.

And with two kids who can now both legally drive and for the most part fend for themselves, my parents don’t have to worry as much about leaving and going on a much deserved vacation.

I naively thought I had grown up when I moved on to college, but as I sit here my first night in Tallahassee I realize that growing up is a process that does not end upon leaving for college.

Beginning college three years ago was just one phase of that process. This is just another.

There come a number of points in our lives when things will start to change.

Change is good.

It’s better, however, when we accept it willingly with open arms and a determined mind.

Confession: I’m twenty-one years old, I’m pretty sure the longest I’ve ever been away from my family is three to four weeks at a time, I just moved to a new town that’s not too far away from home but not close enough for me to come and go as I please, I’m getting my foot in the door in a profession that I’m passionate about, and I’m scared out of my mind.

The next three months will be a period of learning experiences and I’m probably going to stumble.

It’s okay, though. My role model recently told me that it’s okay to stumble, as long as I make it part of the dance.

Screen Shot 2016-05-08 at 10.14.19 PM

So I guess it’s time to show that those few years in dance paid off.




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10 thoughts on “Stumble and Make It Part of Your Dance

  1. Honesty from an older cousin…
    You’ve got this! One day it will just click. You will look back three months from now and be confused as to why you were ever so nervous. The things you didn’t know, and the things you couldn’t POSSIBLY learn, will be obsolete. People will be asking for your advice! With that said, it is scary. It is unfamiliar, and things can get dark. But in that time, please remember…light is just over the horizon and family is only a phone call away!
    Love you to the moon ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. This really got me emotional, Stephanie!

      Right now, I’m both excited and extremely terrified to start this new phase in my life. Like you said, I know three months from now I’ll look back and be extremely confused as to why I was this nervous, but right now I’m literally just full of nerves. I’m excited, though, to come out hopefully stronger and more experienced than ever and having such supportive family members like you, my parents, my brother, etc. makes everything a lot easier to think about.

      Thank you so much for this bit of advice! Love you to the moon and back ❤


  2. Oh yes, you will stumble but you already have the ability to get back up. Such a insightful post. Wishing you the best over the next three months. It will be amazing to see where you journey takes you!

    Liked by 1 person

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