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Defy Society’s Standards: Three Tips to Jumpstart the “Perfect You Body”

It’s that time of the year again: summer!

It’s time to get beach body ready, right?


The “perfect beach body” is a societal standard. You’re worth more than society’s standards.


Here’s the thing: the “perfect beach body” may not be healthy for everyone. Sometimes, getting that “perfect beach body” is more damaging than it is healthy.

That’s okay, though. You don’t need the “perfect beach body”. You need the “perfect you body”.

Nobody knows your body’s limit better than you do.

In which your author is a firm adversary of society’s standards and believes the best type of body is the one shown personal love and respect. 

In my second semester of college, I went from a size medium-borderlining-large to an absolute small. My goal at first was to lose weight, but I soon found I enjoyed working out and eating well. The goal was no longer to lose weight, but to remain in the constant state of happiness I was in and I found that working out and eating better were key to my regime.

So in hopes of spreading that feeling to others, here a few tips and tricks that helped me jump-start my transition.

The “perfect you body” is just around the corner.

Lose It!
“Lose It!” is probably one of the best weight loss jump starter apps I’ve encountered. With a nutrition counter that allows you to scan a product’s barcode or locate the item’s nutritional value, a personal log to record your weight and the food you’ve eaten that day, as well as a place where you can log in your exercise regime that day, “Lose It!” provides everything you need to get started. Just log your current weight, your aspirational weight, and the number of pounds you want to lose per week and you’re good to go.
Tip: Again, it’s not about how much you lose. It’s about how you feel. Start off by recording your target weight as five pounds less than what you weigh now so you don’t become dependent on the app in the long-run. 

Healthy Food, Healthy You
Don’t eat the greens, fruit, meat, and more because it could help you lose weight; eat them because it will make you feel good. When I lost weight during my Freshman year, my go-to meal came from an on-campus eating service that served this quality Chicken Caesar Salad. The container provided me with about three servings, so it lasted a few days. Now, I’m better at time management so I’m able to cook little meals for myself. Eating healthier meals while not overeating is a great way to get you feeling better.
Tip: Never eat more than necessary just to finish something. You’ll often find that restaurant meals are supposed to be for more than one serving. That being said, never eat and leave yourself hungry. Starving yourself isn’t a way to make yourself feel good and be happy. 

Inspire Yourself
May 20 Insert

See those pair of pants up there? I bought two pairs because I loved them. So what’s the big deal? Well, I bought them in a smaller size than what I wear now. I bought them in the same size I was two summers ago, when I literally felt the best I ever had. Start off slow. Buy an article of clothing you like in a size smaller than you are. Let it inspire you whenever you’re feeling down. You’re going to get into those pair of pants and you’re going to feel good during the process. You’re going to get there.

Please note that there are other ways to get to the point where you feel better; the above are just my methods. Do what makes you happy and what makes you feel good, not what society says should make you happy, make you feel good, or make you look good. Eventually, you may find out the body that makes you happy and feel good is synonymous to the body that looks good—not by society’s standards, but by your own.

This is the summer to focus on your mind and your happiness. Let the body portion come as an afterthought.

Happy Summer!



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5 thoughts on “Defy Society’s Standards: Three Tips to Jumpstart the “Perfect You Body”

  1. I’ve been doing squats every day for about two weeks now in addition to our daily walks. I feel awesome, like you said it’s just about finding that happiness every day. Great post!!


  2. That meal looks delicious lol I do agree that eating to feel better is great motivation. I have a lot of inspiration pieces of clothing but what really motivates me is not dealing with acid reflux and my IBS. Great tips!


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