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Last Minute Christmas Deals

It’s been a while, I know. School got the best of me this past semester, but in a good way. I spent the last four months working for my school’s news station reporting across North Central Florida. I could go on, but that is not what you guys are here for.

It’s two days before Christmas, something I also know.

So I thought to myself, “when’s a better time to make my return than the holiday season to provide you last minute shoppers with the best sales before Christmas?”

When you’re the reigning queen of procrastination you manage to find a way to make the most of any and every thing. Luckily for my fellow procrastinators, I managed to get all of my Christmas shopping done early and had time to compile a list of my four favorite Christmas sales to stop for in the next two days, along with a few other great sales.


In which your author has found some great last minute Christmas deals and kind of wishes she procrastinated in regards to Christmas shopping. 

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