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What to Expect When Preparing for College

I remember a time before I started my college adventures that I thought I knew what going to a university would be like.

I mean, I watched Pitch Perfect and other college movies, so I was sure I knew what I was getting into.

Guess what? I was wrong.

So often do we as young people think we know any and every thing, that we do not look to others who have been where we’re going. I know this, which is why I spent this last week looking through old pictures of my four years in college to give you some insight on what you could be looking forward to.

In which your author is obviously still reminiscing about college even though she hasn’t graduated and…oh, she’s still procrastinating her reading for class. 

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A Few Thoughts to Consider When Choosing Your University

As the first month of the year winds to a close, high school students are preparing for their last few months in high school. They’re figuring out what the theme will be for prom, what to wear, where to go for their senior trip, and the most important one:

What’s next?

Of course, there are many options. Some choose to travel, go straight to work, take a year off, and a hard one:

Going away to school.

For those who applied to different schools and gotten into all of them, it can be pretty stressful to choose where to go. I was in that place four years ago…

Which is why I’ve come up with a few guidelines to consider when having to choose where you go next.

In which your author reminisces about her pre-college years and shares tips with you as a way to procrastinate reading 40 pages from her political science class.

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Ten Great Places to Enjoy a Free Treat on Your Birthday

As college students, the phrase “If it’s free, it’s for me” is a motto. Actually, it’s probably pretty safe to say that’s the motto for young adults and anyone who wants to save money, too.

And what’s better than free food?

So, with my birthday just passing by, I thought it best to share the wealth and compiled a number of restaurants where you can stop by on your birthday to enjoy a free meal.

You’re welcome.

In which your author is all for a healthier you, but tells you where to go for free food on your birthday anyways…because priorities. 

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