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Ten Great Places to Enjoy a Free Treat on Your Birthday

As college students, the phrase “If it’s free, it’s for me” is a motto. Actually, it’s probably pretty safe to say that’s the motto for young adults and anyone who wants to save money, too.

And what’s better than free food?

So, with my birthday just passing by, I thought it best to share the wealth and compiled a number of restaurants where you can stop by on your birthday to enjoy a free meal.

You’re welcome.

In which your author is all for a healthier you, but tells you where to go for free food on your birthday anyways…because priorities. 

Applebee’s: A free dessert.
BJ’s: A free Pizookie.
Dairy Queen: A free blizzard.
Dunkin Donuts: A free coffee.
Red Robin: A free burger.

Of course, not everything comes easily. Some places ask you do a little something for them in order to get something good on your birthday. Never fear, though, because all they’re asking is that you join their rewards clubs, which I have happily linked below:

Baskin Robins: One free ice cream scoop.
Olive Garden: A free dessert or appetizer.
Panera: One free pastry.
Starbucks: A free drink.
Wendy’s: One free frosty.

And there you have it! If I’m missing anywhere good (like I’m sure I am) let me know below.

Happy Birthday!



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