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A Few Thoughts to Consider When Choosing Your University

As the first month of the year winds to a close, high school students are preparing for their last few months in high school. They’re figuring out what the theme will be for prom, what to wear, where to go for their senior trip, and the most important one:

What’s next?

Of course, there are many options. Some choose to travel, go straight to work, take a year off, and a hard one:

Going away to school.

For those who applied to different schools and gotten into all of them, it can be pretty stressful to choose where to go. I was in that place four years ago…

Which is why I’ve come up with a few guidelines to consider when having to choose where you go next.

In which your author reminisces about her pre-college years and shares tips with you as a way to procrastinate reading 40 pages from her political science class.

Prioritize Your Desires

You’ll never know exactly what you want to do in life. You could go into college saying you want to major in one area and come out with a completely different one. That’s fine. For the most part, you know yourself and your likes. Try to find a school that encompasses who you are as a person.

Do Research

I know, I know. You’re not even in college yet and I’m telling you to do research. Look everything up about your school: where it is, what activities there are, and other things that pertain to who you are.

Talk to Your Family

Most of the time, no one knows you better than your family. My mom knew that I was going to switch to the major I’m in now before I even set foot campus. I’m not saying you need to let your family control your life, but hearing them out after these last 18 or so years is the least you could do.

Who knows? Maybe words from them is what you need to make your decision.

There are obviously more ways than just this to help choose your school. These are just a few I remembered thinking about.

I’m all ears to hear yours, though.

Good luck!



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