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What to Expect When Preparing for College

I remember a time before I started my college adventures that I thought I knew what going to a university would be like.

I mean, I watched Pitch Perfect and other college movies, so I was sure I knew what I was getting into.

Guess what? I was wrong.

So often do we as young people think we know any and every thing, that we do not look to others who have been where we’re going. I know this, which is why I spent this last week looking through old pictures of my four years in college to give you some insight on what you could be looking forward to.

In which your author is obviously still reminiscing about college even though she hasn’t graduated and…oh, she’s still procrastinating her reading for class. 

There’s this thing called studying that you have to do…


There’s also never a day you don’t see something odd like a giant cat taking a picture next to you…


And of course there’s laughter because how else could you beat the stress.


And food. Lots and lots of food.


But most importantly, there are those friends that make all the tears and stress worth it.

And that’s what college is all about.



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