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Stay Beautiful

Here’s the thing: as young adults…we’re sensitive.

Actually, no, that’s not even an excuse. Adults of all ages can be sensitive.

And that’s normal.

But what shouldn’t be normal or even considered a “norm” is body shaming.

It hurts when we’re referred to as “fat”. Other words hurt, but this one spoke out to me personally.

In fact, I’ve found that it speaks out to a lot of people–especially during the college years.

At the beginning of last summer, I wrote about finding the “perfect you” body and I still stand by that today. So why am I writing this?

Because almost two Sundays ago, a good portion of the world took to social media to destroy pop-star Lady Gaga…and it was disgusting.

Not her body, but society’s reaction.

“To all the girls that think you’re fat because you’re not a size zero, you’re the beautiful one, its society who’s ugly.”
~Marilyn Munroe 

So when I first decided to write this post, I planned on attacking back at those who verbally destroyed the singer. But I was raised better than that. I am better than that. However, as I sifted through the internet the week following her performance, I almost forgot that I was in fact better than attacking back.

Until I found this gem of an article from a favorite author of mine, who truly found the silver-lining in this situation:

Lady Gaga’s fans defended her; they stood up for her…and this author managed to truly capture something so beautiful from a situation that turned so disgusting.

So why am I telling you to go read another blog post that isn’t mine?

To remind you every day what power support and love has. It only takes a few words to turn a situation around. It only takes a few words to ignite a spark that can affect a societal view.

So be that spark. Be the one to help your friends who are being brought down by not just body shamers, but by anyone who using words, gestures, or anything to bring others down.

That’s all I wanted to say tonight.

Stay beautiful.




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