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Give Up the Good, Be the Better

It’s about that time of the semester again: the dreaded arrival of midterms. And midterms usually mean one thing: stress.

I found that out my first year in college. During my sophomore year, I played down my level of stress to the fact that I was procrastinating on everything. Thankfully, I broke out of that phase and now actually plan things ahead of time.

(Sorry, procrastinators. This isn’t a post about the dreaded “P” word. If you’re looking for one, though, I got your back. Here’s a small list of ways I combatted my procrastination two years ago that I still swear by today).

In regards to academics, my collegiate career has been pretty smooth. I don’t recall ever having a fear of failing a class, or even ending a semester with a C.

Until now. In my senior year. When I need this class to graduate in 66 days.


In which your author learned she has to give up a little of what she thought was good, to get a lot of what is definitely better. 

Thankfully, though, I have a beautiful family who consistently has my back and knows just what to say to help me through rough times.

Or in this case, just what to send.

After having a typical college breakdown in front of my dad when I was home this weekend, I returned to school for another week of classes. With my return to school, came the return of my paranoia about this one class. Fast-forward to after that class’s first meeting of the week, I left the class an emotional mess, sent a text to my boyfriend, and quickly called my family.

Why? Because they have my backs.

So much so, that only a few hours after I got off the phone with my mother, she sent a post I just had to share with you all.

What leads to my emotional distress with this class, is the fact that I want to be successful. Not with money, but with life. I want to go in knowing I did my best. To do that, though, sometimes we have to give up on things–a factor I didn’t consider until I read this post that’s all about giving up on things to continue your success.

In the post, the author goes over 13 aspects of life that we need to leave behind to continue our individual journeys through life. I don’t want to spoil the post for you, so I’ll tell you what I plan on giving up as brought to my attention by this post:

-An Unhealthy Lifestyle
-A Fixed Mindset

Yes, college is stressful. Life is stressful. But maybe it doesn’t have to be, or at least it doesn’t have to be as stressful.

Maybe, just maybe, if we give up a little of what we thought was good, life can be better.

I’m not telling you today to give up on your dreams. I’m telling you to not let anything hinder them–even yourself.



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