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Coffee and a Book Review: The Tipping Point

I’m just a blogger. I know, I know; I’m stating the obvious, but stay with me. I promise those three words have a meaning.

Like I said above, I’m just a blogger. Many of you are just bloggers. We’re just bloggers. Except we’re not just bloggers.

Did I confuse more? Perfect. Then I’m doing something right.

I’m a blogger. I’m a college student. I’m a journalist. I’m an older sister, a daughter, a grandchild. I’m a sports enthusiast. I’m a self-defined coffee connoisseur. I’m so much more than just a blogger, just like how you’re so much more than just a reader or a fellow blogger.

It’s these other characteristics and hobbies that make us all different; that give us all–as individuals–the ability to write on a variety of topics. We’re in control of what we read and write. We have the ability to set trends and inspire the minds of those around us.

I didn’t realize how much influence I have a diverse blogger until I found myself immersed in Malcolm Gladwell’s book, The Tipping Point. I knew I could write about something currently trending, but I didn’t realize I could start a trending or get something trending myself. Then I read Gladwell’s international bestseller and found out that it may not be as hard as I think.

The Tipping Point in a sense, is a manual to establish a trend. Gladwell names three factors needed in a topic to get it trending:

  • The Stickiness Factor
  • Law of the Few
  • The Power of Context

Malcolm Gladwell divides the book into these sections and goes straight into further describing each individual factor. Not only does he describe each factor in his own words, he also provides examples of real-life situations that some of us may have heard of. The Tipping Point proved to be one of the most inspirational and revealing piece of work I’ve read in a while and–as someone who constantly reading inspiring blog posts and books, that means a lot.

Without going too in-depth, the book proves to be an enlightening read that is shaping the way I think of producing future blog posts. I’ve always wanted Coffee at Kayla’s to be a guide or a sanctuary for people to come to when they need a break; I’ve always to inspire people and get a conversation going.

You see, to me it’s never mattered how many people I touch or inspire. It’s never mattered how many views or “clicks” I received per post. It’s the comments I get; the messages I receive that continuously fuel my desire to share more of my experiences with you.

So, I’m not just a blogger. We’re not just bloggers.

We’re trendsetters.

So let’s start trendsetting.

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Battling the Struggles of Young Adulthood: Part II

If there’s one thing that I learned during my college years, it’s that stress is real. There’s no way of avoiding it. I used to say I was stressed in high school, but it doesn’t even compare to the amount of stress I feel occasionally in college.

With the college phase of my life coming to an end in less than 50 days, I’ve been reflecting on what brought me some of the most joy through that stress. While it’s not all of them, below are three of my favorite escapes from the stresses of life that you may find you enjoy, too.

In which your author finishes bragging about some of the people who’ve helped shaped her views these last four years and hopes they can inspire you, too.

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Battling the Struggles of Young Adulthood

I’m a firm believer in embracing everything your surrounding area has to offer. That is one of the recurring aspects of Coffee at Kayla’s.

In college, you will be surrounded by a lot of different ideas, thoughts, religions, people, and more. As a way of introducing you to what college and beyond has to offer in regards to diversity, I’m constructing a two-part blog post that feature some of my peers’ blogs. Each one of their blogs covers a different topic that you’re sure to encounter both during your college years and beyond.


In which your author introduces you to some of the people who’ve helped shaped her views these last four years and hopes they can inspire you. 

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Untitled Thoughts

It’s all unpredictable really: the friends you make and lose, the situations you’re in and observe, the words you say. We can have a general idea of what we want to happen, but we can’t be sure it will happen. We can have a general idea of how something will happen, but we can’t be sure it will happen that way.

That sucks, but it’s life.

In this last seven months since the beginning of my fourth and final year of college, I’ve been thrown a couple of curve balls. I’ve made so many genuine friends to the point that I actually wish I had a few more months in college to be around them. I’ve learned so many things about myself as a person that I thought I had known before. I feel wiser and stronger.

But I’ve also lost friends. I’ve said things that have hurt people and people have said things that have hurt me.

I’m sorry.

In which your author has spent a lot of nights stressing over the bad, only to realize it really ended up being the good.

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