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Battling the Struggles of Young Adulthood: Part II

If there’s one thing that I learned during my college years, it’s that stress is real. There’s no way of avoiding it. I used to say I was stressed in high school, but it doesn’t even compare to the amount of stress I feel occasionally in college.

With the college phase of my life coming to an end in less than 50 days, I’ve been reflecting on what brought me some of the most joy through that stress. While it’s not all of them, below are three of my favorite escapes from the stresses of life that you may find you enjoy, too.

In which your author finishes bragging about some of the people who’ve helped shaped her views these last four years and hopes they can inspire you, too.


I’m a foodie. There, I’ve said it. I love food. Now, I’m not telling you to stress eat in order to handle the stress. Trust me, it doesn’t feel good in the long run. What I’m telling you is to go out of your box and try new things. It’s relieving and gets you out of your study or work corner for a bit. Don’t believe me? Well, maybe you’ll believe Amanda from Gainesville Goodies who makes it her thing to go out and try new places in the surrounding area. You don’t have to go to Gainesville to grab a bite, but maybe she’ll give you some ideas about where to go around your area.


There’s a sport out there for everyone; maybe not to play, but definitely to watch. Before I came to my university I wasn’t a baseball fan at all. Four years later–while I’m not a super fan–I do like to go out and catch a few games during the season with some of my closest friends. If you can’t make it out to a game, though, reading up on it is just as fun–especially when you read from an entertaining source. Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered on who to go to for entertaining sports monologue: Darwin over at Sports Darwinism. Her witty commentary, yet accurate points can bring out the sports fan in anyone and that’s just what you need to find your sporting interest.


I know, I know! I’m a Lifestyle Blogger. What am I doing talking up another Lifestyle Blogger? Well, when someone’s good, they’re good and deserves to be talked about–which is why I think you need to give Anastasia’s Navigator Through My Life a read. Honestly, she’s just guiding you through her life and her experiences, but sometimes that’s what we need to look at our own lives and make a change. Through a few of her posts, I know I’ve decided to make some changes of my own and for that I’ll forever be grateful to her for.

There you have it: the final part of battling these struggles we face in young adulthood and adulthood in general. So, this is where I say goodbye. If you haven’t read the first part of this dual blog post session, I definitely think you should head on over to my previous post.

Who says we have to go through these struggles alone? Let’s win this battle.



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