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Battling the Struggles of Young Adulthood

I’m a firm believer in embracing everything your surrounding area has to offer. That is one of the recurring aspects of Coffee at Kayla’s.

In college, you will be surrounded by a lot of different ideas, thoughts, religions, people, and more. As a way of introducing you to what college and beyond has to offer in regards to diversity, I’m constructing a two-part blog post that feature some of my peers’ blogs. Each one of their blogs covers a different topic that you’re sure to encounter both during your college years and beyond.


In which your author introduces you to some of the people who’ve helped shaped her views these last four years and hopes they can inspire you. 


I’ve talked to you before about gaining weight in college. I didn’t lie to you then and I’m not going to lie to you know: it’s a possibility. Just because you gain it, though, doesn’t mean it has to stay. When it comes to maintaining an active lifestyle during the complexities of life, Andrea over at Fit Running Chick has it all figured out. With a few incredible recipes, exercising tips, and more in mind, Andrea appears to have it pretty figured out…and if you have a few minutes to spare and love to read, you could too.


I firmly believe that one of the most amazing things I’ll take away from my four years in university is the different degrees of diversity I encountered. I’ve heard it said before that traveling cures ignorance. During the school year I don’t get to travel a lot, but the friends I’ve made from across the world help fulfill my desire for knowledge of different areas. Nicole is a proud Venezuelan and–more importantly–one of the friends I’ve made that helped me expand my mind. Her blog isn’t really a typical blog; it provides a discussion type setting with other local Venezuelans and truly helps open minds. Venezuelans in Gainesville is definitely an eye-opening must read.


Everyone is beautiful. It’s not an opinion–it’s a fact. We are all beautiful in our own way. I blog about self-worth a lot because it’s something that seems to be such a struggle to understand as a young person. I’m a firm believer that the most important beauty is the one found on the inside. At the same time, though, getting dressed up and beautified on the outside is stress-relieving. If you don’t believe me, Josslyn’s Not-So-Artistic-Newsie has my back. From hair, to shoes, to health, and more, my favorite not-so-artistic-newsie, who’s more artistic than she lets on, has the tips and tricks you need to guide you down a fashionable path.



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