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And Thus Ends the Book Entitled “College”

Two months. 61 days. 1,460 hours.

That’s how long it’s been since I’ve graduated from college; since I closed what I would consider the last chapter of the best book of my life so far.

As I was figuring out what I wanted to say in this particular post, the main thought that came into mind was to tell you about what I had done since then. I could talk to you about the ups and downs of post-college life. I could give you an idea what to expect when closing out a particular part of your life.

Or I could give you all one last college oriented blog post before I changed my focus.

And that’s what I’m doing today.

In which your author is done with one book, preparing to write another, but can’t move on until she shares a few words of advice.

Pre-college students, current college students, or my college alumni readers who I know can relate, hear me out:

Do Laugh.

Don’t forget to laugh when the good times come through—because those laughs in college will be some of the best you experience.

Do Cry.
Allow yourself to cry when you need to—no matter how small you feel the situation is—because tougher times may come through where you’ll need to be stronger.

Do Scream.
Eh, just feel free to allow yourself to express the emotions you need to.

Work Hard.
The work ethic you set in college will more than likely be the work ethic you take out of college and bring into the work force.

Remember that.

But Have Fun.
Go out. Stay in. Dance. Plan a movie night. Meet up for brunch. Go on a late night unhealthy food run.

All work and no play makes for very stressful college days.

Make. Every. Second. Count.
If you only take away one thing from this post, I beg of you to let it be this.

My college years were probably the fastest years of my life. One of my college roommates and I were actually just reminiscing over brunch the other day about things we did in our Freshman year; things we could remember like it was literally yesterday.

To be honest, until I met up with this roommate early last week, I was unsure if I actually had made every moment count.

But I did; we did. How else could we remember all of our greatest moments?

Time flies when you’re having fun and college is all types of fun depending on what you do with it and who you do those things with.

Oh, and finally…

Go out with a photogenic bang.




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