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What To Expect When Expecting Your Post-College Life

So your college years have come to an end or this is your last semester. You’re probably going to go down one of three routes:
–Taking some time off to prepare for your next chapter
–Jumping straight in
Now if you’re going down the traveling route, this post probably won’t apply to you until you come back from your travels. If you’re taking one of the other two roads, well…

Do I have some words for you.

In which your author pops your bubble to set the record straight on what really happens after college. 

For my lovely readers who are treating themselves with some time off, remember: 

Everyone Has Something to Say About Everything.

“Oh, you majored in that? Well maybe you should’ve…”.
Ok thanks. I’ll remember that if I ever come up with the thousands of dollars to go for my Bachelor’s again.

“You want to work there? But don’t you know that that company has done to…”.
No, I do. Regardless of how naive you think I am, I promise I put some effort in when choosing the places to apply to for MY future.

“Have you tried applying at {inserts name of common place that everyone and anyone with your degree has applied to}?”.

Deep breaths. You’re fine; it’s fine; you got this. Remember: they’re just looking out for you.

Having Way Too Much Time on Your Hands.
Just applying for jobs? Maybe you’re working a part-time job until that big break comes? But I bet you have all the time in the world now. You can do whatever whenever you want and not have to worry about being late to class, or a group project, or having to study.
All of that is true. And it may be great at first…until you find yourself rocking back and forth in fetal position wondering if you’ve missed something.

And for my lovely readers who stayed on the move and jumped right in to their next chapter, you’ll ask yourself: 

What Is This Thing You Call “Time”?
As you’re driving to your job for a rough nice 9-12 hour work day, you remember there’s no food in your fridge. Suddenly, you start to panic, not because you’re thinking about having to go food shopping, but because you have to calculate how you can insert grocery shopping time into you’re already packed day.

Ugh, calculations. Just when you thought you were done with math…

Everyone STILL Has Something to Say About Everything.
“Today was kind of rough, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world.” You think your day was rough? Wait until you’ve been in your profession for years.
“I can’t wait to get home. I’m exhausted.” You just started working. You don’t know what exhausted is. 

“Okay, then. I’m just not going to say anything”, you think. But then…
So tell me about your day. 

But you know what? Here’s a little something we can all celebrate: 


Finally, A Chance to Sleep In…

Lol jk. You thought.
If you’re back at home for a short while, I guarantee someone in that house will find something for you to do during the ungodly a.m. hours.
And if you’re out on your own with a job that starts at the crack of dawn, well…do I have to say more?

But hey, no complaining, friends. You may have a job. You may not. You may be traveling. You may even be sleeping in for all I know.

Most importantly, though: You’re alive.

Life is sweet. 



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